2000.12.15 i am the pick in the ice:

i spent today sorting out various financial holes that i've dug myself into. i have an annoying habit of mismanaging my funds and it all came back to bite me in the face this week. but it should all be straightened out now. should. i hope.

on the good side, i'm now the proud owner of a cd burner. yes…this is somewhat related to my financial problems. yes…i am an idiot. thank you for noticing. can we just let that drop now?

matt spent all day at work not doing any work. he did, however create me this. it's a radiohead desktop for my computer. it's an html file and it's been zipped, so unless you mac users can use that business, it's for pc only. sorry.

i missed a package from ups today. it was something from amazon.com, so i can only assume that it was something purchased off of my wishlist. i'm fairly excited to see what it is, and i scheduled to go pick it up on monday. i wonder who it's from?

the last track of the radiohead reworkings for the bbc is up. it's an awesome version of idioteque. once again, it's remarkably similar to the live version of the song. paul and i are referring to these tracks as kid bbc. [thanks again to planet telex]

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