2001.05.23 a day late and a dollar short:

holy shit. can it be that i actually missed the bipolar one year anniversary? well…i missed it by a day. not too bad, considering. so if you want to take this day to browse through the archives and see what's been going on over the past year, feel free (not like you couldn't look through the archives any other time). i'm feeling nostalgic, i guess. i was going to link to some specific posts in the past that i think are of merit, but to tell the truth…i think i'd rather just let some of it lie. it's a year of my life. some of it feels like it happened six years ago. some of it seems like it just happened yesterday.

one year ago today, i was working at kinko's. i worked in the computer services department and i hated my job. i don't think i hated what i did as much as where i did it, if that makes sense. i had quite a few cool co-workers, but there were also some shady people. the shady ones are always the people that color your feelings about a workplace, i think. they're the ones that make you unhappy. at least…for me, anyway.

now i work at an isp, troubleshooting network and cable modem problems all day long. i work ten hour days, but i get three off days a week. i make a ton more money, and my chair is more comfortable. i miss laying out things in pagemaker all day, but i like cramming my head with all kinds of new knowledge. i do think i've traded up, though.

one year ago today, i was fairly fresh out of my relationship with jess. we only dated for about six months, all told. it was a good relationship. we had a lot of disagreements. we were too good of friends for us to be together, i think. looking back on it, jess and i had fun. we're still really close friends, and i think that our time together has only made it better.

now i'm fresh out of another relationship. it didn't last near as long, but i think i learned a lot from it. things are really looking up for me, lately, but i don't want to jinx it by saying too much. i'm happy, if that counts for anything.

one year ago today, i was living with my cousin chris and my friend mike. we had a nice apartment. the living situation didn't really work out as expected. chris is still one of my best friends in the world, even if we don't talk as much as we used to. he definitely falls in that category of "people i'd take a bullet for." that's pretty select company, i'd say. once again, it was all a learning experience, if anything.

now i'm living in a big apartment with matt and jess. matt is moving out at the end of this month to go live with paul (only a couple of blocks away). i think we're officially dubbing this "the great roommate swap of 2001" or something. it's kinda funny. jess and i will be the only ones living in our apartment, at the end of this month. at first i thought it would be hard to even talk to her, now i can't wait to have the room to stretch out. matt and i have shared a room for a year. we sacrificed privacy for longer than we thought we would be, but i can honestly say that i haven't felt uncomfortable. i think matt is the only human being that i could share space with, in this capacity, for this length of time.

one year later, my life is totally different, yet strangely…the same.

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