2002.04.10 i crave the taste of blood:

last night chris and i hung out. we wen to the record store and i picked up the new blues explosion record. then we went up to the bar to watch the osbournes. let me tell you…that is some choice tv, right there. nothing beats ozzy trying to lecture his kid on the dangers of drugs, especially when he caps his argument with "look at me!" priceless.

what sucks, though, is when you wake up in the morning and discover your roommate took a giant vegan crap in the toilet and clogged it up tight. let me tell you…there are a lot better activities i can think of at 8:30am than plunging my roommate's wheaty turds out of the toilet drain. it's even worse when he does it two days in a row.

reality check: fred durst is still a fucking moron.

what i imagine ice cube's personal ad must look like:

"hard muthafucka with big guns lookin' for a hot bitch to fuck. repeatedly."

yeah…i'm done.

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3 Responses to “i crave the taste of blood:”

salbert said:

shit talking motherfucker.

# April 10, 2002,

brian. said:

yep…the last two posts did both reference shit in some way.

# April 11, 2002,

Su-Lauren said:

Why are you looking at a limp bizkit website in the first place? Curious.

# April 11, 2002,