2002.10.21 Paris: Day Four

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i actually managed to get up early enough today to go meet Sara for lunch, and we went to a little place near her work & got some regular French food (i.e. not fancy, but still decidedly French). i was struggling with the concept that i would look "silly" if i ordered coffee with the meal. it's been four days, and i think i've had maybe six cups of coffee, four of those being espressos. What i wouldn't give for a good cup of Kroger brand automatic-drip right now. i've been staving off the cravings with Earl Grey since Sara showed me where her teapot and tea stash were.

Anyway, after lunch, Sara headed for home since she wasn't feeling well and was taking a half-day off of work. i headed to the Trocadero for a good look at the Eiffel Tower.

It is quite a site walking out on the terrace of the Palais de Challot and getting the first full-on unobstructed view of the Tower. Of course the Trocadero is a major tourist attraction, so i didn't allow myself to feel like a heel for grabbing my camera and taking several shots.

Interesting thing was, as i was meandering on the terrace, 2 couples and one giddy little Asian youth asked me to take pictures of them standing on the terrace with the Tower in the background. i briefly debated asking them to return the favor, but decided that pictures of me with the Tower would be silly. if i regret that decision later, i can always drag my brother down there and have him take some.

After some pics from the terrace, i walked down the steps toward the Tower. Crossing one of the streets, i found a vendor selling souvenirs, and i made my first souvenir purchase of the trip.

i crossed the Seine and approached the Tower. At the intersection of roads running in front, i stood at the corner and took several more photos. Then i walked down along the Seine to the Place de la Resistance, where i searched for a bit before finding the dog-shit sign my sister had told me about at lunch. i took some pics of it for her.

Next, i crossed the Seine again, stopping to take a few shots of the river, then went back to the little cafe from my first night in Paris–my first official Parisian navigational landmark.

i stopped at the cafe and successfully ordered "un caf?" without having to resort to english. i sat for a while and rested from my walk.

After coffee, i set out initially to find a Metro station so i could buy some more tickets. i didn't actually find the station i was looking for, and figured back-tracking to an uncertain location would be a waste of time. i pressed on, heading for the Arc de Triomphe.

i got there with no troubles, and took several daylight shots of the arc which, since i'd remembered my wide-angle lens this time, included some full views instead of the partial views i got last night.

Satisfied with the number of pictures and feeling body-tired, i walked down Av. Foch towards "home." Before i turned onto Faisanderie, i walked down to the nearby Metro station and bought my new tickets.

[map]Once i got home, i realized i was completely exhausted and didn't want to go back out immediately, so i hung out with sis, read a book, and had dinner with Sara & Andrew a bit later. After dinner, and after washing dishes, the debate raged… go out now for only an hour or a little more, or read and go to bed early…

i decided to stay in for the night to give my muscles a little break, and so i can get to sleep at a "more reasonable" hour. Of course, it's now 2:14 am… which, by some standards is still quite unreasonable.

But hey, at least i'm finishing my journal entry at 2:15, instead of just getting started on it.

and thus went my most "productive" day in Paris. it was a good day.

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11 Responses to “Paris:”

Nate said:

Note the handy excuse not to have a picture of himself that could prove that he was actually in France, rather than simply having someone snap pictures for him.

Conspiracy theorists have placed Matt firmly in his room wearing a somewhat disheveled bathrobe (well, really disheveled) for that entire week. The government however destroyed all of our physical evidence.

# October 24, 2002,

m@ said:

well, my brother's got an album up that has some pictures of me in it. of course, none of them involve famous Parisian landmarks, and i am conveniently missing from many of the family & group photos… so, judge for yourselves. was i even really there, or have i just purchased a bunch of books and scanned in a bunch of pictures?

far be it from me to enforce a certain perspective on reality onto anyone.

# October 24, 2002,

Javan said:

Well, I do have an album up that does have photographic evidence with him and some things (only matt knows what I am talking about) that won't be over here to soon.

And I don't think to many books will have the dog-shit sign.

but you can't believe me either. (Or wait, yes you can.)

# October 24, 2002,

m@ said:

javan, i swear you just have knack for trying to put in code that gums up the works.

# October 25, 2002,

Javan said:

thats me!

# October 25, 2002,

Javan said:

yeah, you had 4 days in Paris before I even got there. But it seems that you ended up only getting the equivalent of two days, since you were unconsious the rest of the time:)

# October 26, 2002,

m@ said:

hey! that's enough from the peanut gallery!

i prefer to not think about the fact that i missed out on some of the things i wanted to do because of oversleeping, and instead blame it all on the "innumerable planned events" that i had to contend with because it was the build-up week before a wedding.

please, just let me have my little fantasies, ok?


# October 28, 2002,

javan said:

so, are you still a compulsive boot-polisher?

# November 1, 2002,

brian. said:

why was it a good day? did you not have to use your AK?

# November 3, 2002,

m@ said:

not even once.

# November 4, 2002,

Javan said:

ahem… update… ahem…

# November 6, 2002,