2004.09.20 come down on me sweet suffocation:

there's nothing like coming in to work on a monday and remembering that you only have to work a four day week. seriously…that just kicks ass. it helps shake the cobwebs from the brain and put a smile on the face, which is definitely rare on a monday.

speaking on mondays, it looks like "motherfucker" came in early today. he's already shot me the evil eye a couple of times, so i guess he's taking it as some sort of insult that i went over his head. well…tough shit. i can play the office politics game as well as he can. if he wants to be a dick, so can i.

practice went pretty okay on saturday. we started work on a new song, which is nice, since we haven't really written much as a band in the past couple of months. not having a practice space is killing us. hopefully that problem will be righting itself within the next month or so. we're all systems go for friday, though. i hope some people actually show up…

kopilot it moving. we were in the new space yesterday, helping danny strip out all the nasty floor tiling. they should be reopened and ready for business on october 1st. awesome. they should have a new website open by then, as well, complete with a webstore. double awesome.

seth has reported that the data on my old hard drive is pretty much…gone, never to be seen again. this is disheartening, but i guess i'll have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and…

damn it. who am i kidding? i cried myself to sleep, last night.

back to work…

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2 Responses to “come down on me sweet suffocation:”

Jess said:

You should check this out…



# September 21, 2004,

brian. said:

An MP3 watch? Does it work like a Dick Tracy communicator?

Either way, I'd never wear it. I have this nice watch this one chick got me for christmas a few years ago…

# September 21, 2004,