2004.10.01 no debate about it:

here's the text of an email i just sent to several news organizations, in support of Kerry's victory in the debate last night:

"In the first debate of the 2004 Election, Americans everywhere saw John Kerry as the man best suited to the Presidency of this great country. Last night, they saw him speak clearly, with strength, conviction, candor, wisdom, and a clear understanding of the facts. For those who may have questioned his resolve or dedication to protecting this nation, he left no doubt as to his ability to lead and win the global fight against terrorism. In Iraq, John Kerry offered hope for a fresh start, and laid out specific plans as to how we can best finish what our current President so unfortunately started.

"Bush wasn't expected to be eloquent, but what America was presented with last night was the picture of a man with little grasp of reality, who had to resort several times to the same tired rhetoric the Bush campaign has been attempting to sling all along. Mr. Bush offered no hope for the future, tendered no regret for the egregious mishandling of the Iraq war, and no apologies for the unconscionable misrepresentation of the facts that led us there in the first place. Throughout most of the debate, the president seemed flustered and off-guard, he was quick to jump in several times almost before John Kerry had finished speaking, but once he had the floor he either paused, mumbled, or resorted to the canned responses and phrases he'd said several times already.

"Suffice it to say, John Kerry presented himself to the American people with strength, resolve, intelligence, and a real plan for the future of this country. John Kerry proved why he should be America's next President."

needless to say, i thought Kerry did a great job, and i feel more confident now than ever that things will work out alright.

Now, don't get cocky Kerry! i'm betting it's your race to lose, not Bush's. Keep the pressure on, keep bringin the fight to 'em.

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