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2004.11.23 i don't need a host to live:

wow…it finally happened. the nirvana box set came out today. i was thinking some sort of extinction level event would happen this morning before the thing actually had a chance to make it to market. i'll probably buy it this weekend after getting paid. it'll be my one splurge on myself before descending into the suburban combat that is "the holidays."

to be honest, i've had the music portion of the box set for a few days now. i'll still buy it, though. i really want the book and dvd that the set comes with.

we're playing a show on december 11th at dutch's tavern with arch and ronnie mack. this is cool, since billy has been playing drums for ronnie mack for a little while, now. nothing better than playing rock and roll shows with your rock and roll friends.

i've had to type this entry twice now and i still haven't been able to come up with anything else important to post. maybe tomorrow…

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2004.11.17 you can't fire me because i quit:

whoa. i fell off the posting wagon for a little while there. my apologies. i'm back in the saddle, though…never you fear.

i spent the weekend up in chicago seeing the pixies. man…that was one awesome show. i'm just stoked they played "hey." that was probably the highlight of the show for me. they closed with "vamos," which was chock full of guitar shenanigans.

we're playing a show on saturday. it's our first official all-ages show, so i'm kinda excited, i guess. it'll be interesting to see what the "kids" think of the L&N sound. we may or may not be playing some new material.

next week…thanksgiving. the girl and i are still debating on what we're actually doing. i think we're driving to owensboro, but that changes every other time i talk to her. i figure i'll find out the night before and we'll go from there.

halo 2 is sucking up a lot of my free time. i've almost completely abandoned gta san andreas in favor of sitting on blaine's couch, blastin' fools over the internet. is it odd that i have an xbox live account, yet i have no xbox or even a copy of halo 2?

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2004.10.20 my words were useless again:

sorry for the delay in posting. i generally have a rule that i don't post when i'm not at work. since i haven't been here in the office since thursday…here you have it. no posts.

jon posted a little write-up of L&N on friday. he also posted links to download the entire demo, so you should head over there and nab it, if you're interested.

so…on sunday L&N went to nashville and rocked the shit out of it. i think. we rocked, anyway. we played a good set. we were happy with it. we were happy to have billy play bass with us. it was a good time. big thanks to christine for having us down to play.

yesterday i spent most of the early part of the day sitting around my doctor's office. i've been having stomach problems lately, so hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's causing it. i had to go in for some lab work after that and now i have to go get my stomach x-rayed and my gall bladder…uh…ultrasounded on friday morning. i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's either nothing or something that will kill me quick.

other than that, it's been a nice, long weekend. the girl was home, so we spent a lot of time hanging out and just takin' it easy.

now i have to start catching up on my work…

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2004.09.29 am i as i see?:

you know…there once was a day when you could walk up and down bardstown road and post flyers on every ol' telephone pole you came across. no one gave you shit. no one harshed your mellow. now you walk up and down the road and there's nothing. no crazy band flyers, hardly even any "lost cat" notices. it's sad, really. really fucking sad.

today i printed up flyers for the forthcoming, last minute L&N show this weekend. we're playing with arch and moirai and a couple of other bands. it should be a kickass rock and roll explosion. instead of printing up 50-something flyers top post all around the area, i printed 15. fifteen measly-ass flyers. pathetic. i posted one on the board down at ear x-tacy, and then gave the rest to paul from arch to distribute.

here's the list of places to post flyers:

ear x-tacy
wild and woolly
the rudyard kipling (where the show is being held)
kopilot (for their friday opening)
blaine's fridge
our fridge

and wherever else paul decides to post them. he can get down…he can get bad…it don't matter.

me? i'm gonna get back to work…

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2004.09.27 tell me, who are you?:

hot damn. L&N was at the center of our first riot on friday. while we played, people started punching each other and things spilled out into the street, ending up with a garbage can getting thrown through the front window.

and, after all of that, joe and brooksie almost got engaged in a bit of fisticuffs with a gentleman who was less than approving of our "performance." things were sorted out, no one was beat down, and joe even bought the little shit-starting skinhead prick a drink, after all was said and done.

L&N: we'll play your show and then fight you afterward.

other than that, the weekend was pretty low-key. we've taken over a date at the rud for this coming weekend, so we'll playing saturday night with moirai and arch. it's a line-up that we've been trying to get together for a show for a while now, so i'm pretty stoked.

spent pretty much all of sunday helping danny paint the new kopilot. the new shop is really taking shape and it looks like it's on pace to finished for the grand re-opening shindig on friday.

does anyone really like peter frampton?

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2004.09.23 be a simple kind of man:

okay…i don't have any caffeine, i get a headache. i have too much caffeine…i get a fucking headache. what gives? why can't my body make up its damn mind? it begs for the caffeine and then it rejects it! i'm bewildered!

i tell you what, though…i reject big red. it is not a viable source for soft drink refreshment. i used to love this shit when i was a kid, but…big red: i reject you.

here's the updated flyer for our show tomorrow night. i know, i know…a little late, but justin did an awesome job, so who gives a fuck?

seriously…this headache sucks. aleve is not a quick enough headache stopper. i need to start keeping some excedrin migraine in my desk or something…

also related to the caffeine theme: i think i'm finally sick of this mountain dew pitch black shit. i mean…i like it, but i think i'm sick of it. it's unfortunate, as i just bought a 12-pack of the stuff a couple nights ago. i want a new drug. one that won't make me sick.

mcdonald's oven select sandwiches are nasty. if you eat them, you are risking your health and maybe your very life. they are vile and have the potential to induce spontaneous vomiting. well…the "reuben" is, anyway. i'm too terrified to try anything else.

there's a tickling at the back of my throat. it's a familiar feeling and usually precedes a nasty allergy attack. this can't be good, especially with that show tomorrow. time to overdose on orange juice and zyrtec…

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2004.09.20 come down on me sweet suffocation:

there's nothing like coming in to work on a monday and remembering that you only have to work a four day week. seriously…that just kicks ass. it helps shake the cobwebs from the brain and put a smile on the face, which is definitely rare on a monday.

speaking on mondays, it looks like "motherfucker" came in early today. he's already shot me the evil eye a couple of times, so i guess he's taking it as some sort of insult that i went over his head. well…tough shit. i can play the office politics game as well as he can. if he wants to be a dick, so can i.

practice went pretty okay on saturday. we started work on a new song, which is nice, since we haven't really written much as a band in the past couple of months. not having a practice space is killing us. hopefully that problem will be righting itself within the next month or so. we're all systems go for friday, though. i hope some people actually show up…

kopilot it moving. we were in the new space yesterday, helping danny strip out all the nasty floor tiling. they should be reopened and ready for business on october 1st. awesome. they should have a new website open by then, as well, complete with a webstore. double awesome.

seth has reported that the data on my old hard drive is pretty much…gone, never to be seen again. this is disheartening, but i guess i'll have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and…

damn it. who am i kidding? i cried myself to sleep, last night.

back to work…

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2004.09.14 take it or leave it, do both:

not much for today…

i dropped off the L&N demo to be duplicated. we should have a quantity of them ready for the show next friday. we should actually have the cds in hand later tonight, but we're working on printing up a quick cover for them, so we can sell it/give it away at shows.

yesterday we got asked to play a show in nashville with an awesome band called christine (who we played with at our last show here in town). we accepted as soon as they asked and then found out that we also might be playing with hank williams iii. super awesome. i know i'm stoked as hell.

mountain dew pitch black continues to kick ass. i'm gonna be pretty unhappy if they don't keep it around past halloween. then again, i may just be sick of it, by that point.

they've released thefirefox 1.0 preview release. i'm using it right now. i like the new find bar and the new secure site indication. i do not like how they moved the pop-up notification to the top like in the new version of internet explorer.

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2004.08.30 i miss myself more than anything:

yesterday was one of those awesome late summer days. my buddy brent had a small little pool party. we all converged on brent's house on what was supposed to be a horribly rainy day and ended up having a blast. the rain held off and the sun even came out for a little while (giving me a bit of sunburn on my shoulders and some on my face). many games of pool volleyball were played, and it was just a whole lot of fun. we're hoping to have another one the weekend after next, as a "last pool party of the year" kinda thing.

prior to yesterday, i had not been swimming at all, this year. my legs are now profoundly sore. i really need to start getting more exercise.

the show went pretty well on friday night. we butchered (or rather i did) the second to last song we played, but brought it back home with a new song. i broke a string on the second song and dropped about a million picks. oh well. there were a lot of people there, we didn't sell any shirts, we met some new friends (a band called christine from nashville)…everything worked out.

speaking of L&N, we've finished the demo (aside from mastering) and posted one of the songs on our myspace page. we may offer the full demo up for download when we launch our full website.

and now we're playing another show at woody's on sept. 24th. we're keeping to about a show a month, at this point. i'd like to play somewhere besides woody's, but at least we're not having to expend any effort to play these shows. all we have to do is show up and play. not a bad deal, really.

even though i'm at work and i hate it, i woke up this morning to an email from the girl. i'd say that balances out just about any amount of crap i get dealt today.

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2004.08.27 i'm so lost out on the highway:

jesus. i've completely dropped the ball on posting, this week. i wish i could say i've been busy, but i really haven't. i've just been sitting around the house the past couple of days, doing nothing. i've had a shitty stomach thing going on, so at least i have a quasi-excuse.

i did go see garden state with the girl on tuesday, though. it wasn't half bad. i'd even say it was good. but brooksie seems to think it's the greatest thing since they started slicing bread, which i'm not really agreeing with. he's also saying it was better than eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which has me thinking he's gone completely insane.

for the record, i actually started a post on monday, but i closed out of firefox without saving it, so it was lost. oddly enough, it had the same title as this one.

i've come to the conclusion that i really, really hate my fucking job. even after having a rather long mid-week break from it due to my illness, i hate it. i think i actually hate it even more. i swear…if my job were a human being, i'd kill it. i'd kill it and spend the rest of my life in prison laughing to myself, saying "i got you in the end, job! you ain't ever gonna fuck with me again!"

or maybe i'd just punch "job" in the face and tell him i fucking quit.

either way, we have a show tonight, which i will probably be late for, due to my ridiculously shitty job. i asked them if i could squeeze out a little early, due to the fact that i have an obligation to rock a few total strangers over at woody's, but they declined, saying "we're too busy."

yeah…i'd also spit in "job's" face right after i quit.

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