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2006.09.07 blast from the link-blog past:

not that bipolar was ever really a "link-blog," but I compiled this little list for my best gal earlier today, and thought it wouldn't be totally imprudent to post it here for you guys. i have a couple post ideas brewing, but really i just need to get off my ass and post my usual off-the-cuff b.s. like i used to.

anyway, here's the list o' links:

2006.08.03 you're as cold as ice:

today just isn't my day, it seems. connor and i just got back from lunch. we said "hey, let's try cafe kilamanjaro, today. that sounds tasty." so we mosey over there and jump in line. i ordered what sounded (and smelled) like a real winner: jerk chicken wings. i mean…seriously. that sounds amazing. well…not so much. first off, the wings were cold. barely room temperature. secondly, the things had no "jerk" flavor, at all. they just tasted like grilled chicken wings that had been sitting out on a plate in the kitchen for a few hours. yeah…the rice was cold, too.

so we get back to work and i decide to get a coke. i wander over to the breakroom, plunk my change into the machine and…out pops a coke. standard procedure, right? well…this is where it deviates: the coke was warm. warmer than warm…moderately hot. what the fuck is up with the temperature gods today? are they punishing for something i did that i shouldn't have? jesus fuck christ…

oh…hey. sorry i've been missing for a while. i have a new office job that involves me sitting around, doing a whole lotta work for a little while, then just staring at the walls for a good chunk of time. so hopefully i'll be more regular, 'round these parts.

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2006.07.11 slow down:

well, since it seems my life just doesn't want to calm down long enough for me to catch my breath, I figured I'd better saunter back here and make another post. good news is, I actually heard from brian briefly last week (or was it two weeks ago…), so at least i know he's still alive and kicking.

there's been so much going on it's hard to keep my head on straight, considering that 3 of my friends have or are getting married this summer (2 down, 1 to go), my wife's birthday just passed, her dad's birthday is coming, their family reunion happened, 6,000 family member's had weddings, and there's been a big job at work looming over my head.

I managed to make time a couple days before the new Superman movie came out to have a few friends over for a (Chris Reeves) Superman Movie Marathon, which turned out to be an awesome thing to have done, with all the overt references to those old movies in the new one. (which I really liked, by the way, regardless of its flaws)

we threw a moderately low-key bachelor party for my buddy nathan, which nevertheless ended up leaving us with a couple good stories. (hint: if hiring an "on-location" stripper, make sure you get to see pictures first, and if they cancel, don't just accept replacements site-unseen… words to the wise…)

finally, nathan's wedding (and a spectacular blow-out it was) was this past weekend, and the wife and I got to hang out with the bride & groom and a few friends in pittsburgh, and enjoy the festivities. I wouldn't say the wedding was "extravagant," but it was certainly fancy (and well-scripted). The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception provided fun, and gobs of food and liquor. We did enjoy antagonizing the wait-staff though, when the bar closed during dinner. "c'mon, what would it take for you to bring me a maker's on the rocks?"

anyway, we enjoyed ourselves almost as much as the bride and groom did… and we enjoyed ourselves a LOT.

so, here's hoping my life starts to chill out a little, and what with finally finishing all four seasons of Lois & Clark (I've been on such a huge superman geek-out for the last 6 or 8 months, it's not even funny), I'm anticipating either starting to get to bed on time more regularly, or actually using my free time to do some of the projects i've been neglecting (like this old girl´┐Żbipolar´┐Żherself)

we'll see! (wish me luck.)

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