2000.05.22 first damned weblog entry:

here's another test, yo. first damn weblog entry and I'm getting a serious case of writer's block. funny, considering I'm supposed to be some kind of writer. oh well.

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yours truly said:

4th attempt at first comment on first post, testing in netscape.

# May 8, 2001,

m@ said:

ah, ya know, who the hell cares about these posts way back here.

here i am attempting to link to paul's site.

# May 8, 2001,

m@ said:

and whattaya know, it worked.

# May 8, 2001,

m@ said:

testing 7 8… testing

# September 4, 2001,

m@ said:

testing the php setcookie() in netscape 4.7

# November 15, 2001,

matt said:

testing… on new temp server.

# January 24, 2002,

bipolar posted:

like a sloth:

well, brian over there's taken off like a lemur, so I guess I better get crackin. got me a new j o b today, I'll be workin at Kinko's third shift. I fucking hate third shift, but my broke ass…

# May 15, 2003,