2000.11.06 know it all:

wow. it's amazing how much can happen in one day. basically, Friday evening was insane. i went to bed that night, wondering how in the hell i was going to fit the entirety of the worthy events into a single update. i kind of figured i'd have to space it out over the course of several. lucky for you i have a bad memory, and time has a way of dulling things down.

Paul and i spent the majority of the night (after my third night in a row of drinking) "thinking outside the box". at this point i can't remember how many different subjects we covered, but i know technology, philosophy, politics, sociology, and religion were all dealt with. I'll challenge you all with the question he presented to my drunk ass on my back porch after finally getting home from the bar (he has a singular knack for timing these things).

if you want to participate, with the answer to the following question:
Suppose, on halloween, you meet someone dressed in a slightly ratty suit, with a flat black-haired head, greenish face paint, and two metal "connectors" sticking out of either side of his neck. Who is he dressed as?

i'll post the results (and the answer i'm looking for) by the end of the week. i'll give ya till next Monday.

this particular question, i believe is what sparked our entire conversation that night. we talked about semantics, trademarks and abuse of same, and the general stupidity or laziness of the majority of the nation. at least this time, i didn't get the feeling the apocalypse was nearing.

by the time Paul & I finished talking, it was already almost 7 in the morning, and i had to get some sleep before going into work on a damned Saturday. no sooner had i fallen into the very edges of sleep, than i was shocked awake by the very loud sound of a transformer blowing up 20 feet from my window and all the various lights and contstant household sounds going dark and silent. i groaningly pulled myself out of my comfortable bed, hoping my house was not being utterly consumed by fire, because a fire would certainly prevent me from getting to sleep anytime soon, and would be a major hassle. once i realized the house was relatively safe from immediate destruction (barring, of course, attack by terrorists or space aliens) i went to the kitchen and called the electric company's automated "our service sucks" hotline and reported the trouble. Jess & I sat up chatting for a little while, and at one point, she suggested (as many many people have) that I should go back to college and get my degree. i thought about it for a minute before coming to a conclusion.

the only major that i could conceivably see myself taking would be something along the lines of "Theoretical Realism." I think it would be kind of neat to be a degreed theoretical realist. I could tell people with authority when they were living in a fantasy world, or i could come up with various theories attempting to explain what exactly reality is, and why it sucks so much.

then i thought of an even better degree program, which i would just have to follow all the way to the doctorate level. I mean, wouldn't you like to be referred to as a "Doctor of Omniscience"… ? you know, you'd start out with your bachelors in omniscient studies, move up to masters, then get the PhD. sounds fun.

well. i guess that's it. i'm drained for now. i'm not omniscient yet.

- 06:45 pm
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