2002.02.11 insert witty title here:

i seem to have returned to a semi-regular practice of actually turning on my webcam, turning on the chat client, and maybe… if you're all really lucky (or not, depending on your point-of-view) of posting to ye olde bipolar.

had a fairly fun weekend (except for the Sunday that wasn't) hanging out and being social. paul and i chilled most of Friday night watching various incarnations of Trek until it was time to go get our drink on. we did the normal friday thing at the bar, meeting up with neil and BRIAN and SCOTT and their friend chris. we did have quite a bit of fun, as usual, looking at pretty girls, screwing up our courage, and… completely ignoring them. woo-hoo!
at the end of the eve, BRIAN and SCOTT and neil came over to the house so i could play that "jive" delta airlines sound clip for SCOTT, and so we could all laugh our asses off for a while. i think at this point, i was on coffee, but neil & paul were still drinking. by the end of the night, we nearly had to bury poor neil.

saturday was a lazy day, woke up and got some "kefk" (that's KFC to you phonics impaired people), and did some more chillin at the house. we (that is, my roommates and i) briefly toyed with the idea of going out for a fun night of bowling, but instead opted for a somewhat-less-fun-but-still-enjoyable evening out at the rud watching two bands we'd never heard of, looking at pretty girls, screwing up our courage, and… (you guessed it) completely ignoring them. well, except for Rachel, but she doesn't really count since we already know her and she's just really friendly anyway.

i stayed up way too late Sat. night/Sun. morn doing god knows what tinkering around on the computer, ended up slinking off to bed about 6:30 or 7 AM, and ended up sleeping until the sun was down again. boy what a waste of a perfectly good day. but nevertheless, two hours after i woke up, we had our normal 8:00pm sunday band practice, and though it got off to a slow start, we did make some progress, making the day not end up a total waste.

today at lunch i finally broke down and bought a turkish coffee set (sort of) from a Russian grocery near a place my work crew frequents, so hopefully, once i get off my ass and down to the "real" grocery store to buy some sugar (note to self: add sugar to grocery list, you moron.), which we've not had since we moved in back in May of last year…. well, then i'll be able to have some real turkish coffee, just the way Arslan used to make. now if i could only make Baklava and kebabs (A.K.A. gyros), i'd be set (and fat) for life. I do have a recipe for Sarma, which i hope to break out here sometime soon… perhaps that'll be turkish coffee & sugar night as well.

oh, anyway, i've got shit i want to do tonight, and at this point, i think i'm using this blog as a crutch to avoid "work." hep me jeebus. i thank i just self-revelated.


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scott said:

If it makes any difference, I don't think I was nearly as torn up about the whole thing as Brian. You may exclude me from your stories anytime. Especially ones that somehow tie together "bars" "girls" and "screwing up".

# February 13, 2002,

matt said:

well Scott, you know bipolar is all about the "truth."

# February 13, 2002,

brian. said:

damn it, scott…way to sell me out.

i would like to point out, though…scott and paul were the only ones that actually talked to girls, that night.


# February 13, 2002,

matt said:

this much is true. scott & paul are the mac daddies of the "too shy to talk to women" crowd.

# February 15, 2002,

brian. said:

but is being the coolest guys in a crew of total dorks really a good thing?

# February 15, 2002,

javan said:

bryan says jeebus.. ahh hafhdsafhb bryan says stop stealing word homie or he will shot you in the toe

# February 19, 2002,

bryan and javan said:

school sucks i am using bipolar for crutch to not do "work" stop stealingword or shot in toe osghs

# February 19, 2002,

homie g said:

bryan druling on keyborad blow up and bust his fat head

# February 19, 2002,

matt said:

uh… what the hell?

# February 22, 2002,

sara said:

I have the most intelligent brothers in the world. Lucky me.

# February 26, 2002,