2003.03.19 moving, shaking, etc.:

when did Louisville become a hip, happening town again? there's been such a "good music" drought in this city for so long, i didn't think it was ever going to change. but now, there's a plethora of good shows coming up, and it's getting me all excited.

first off, there's going to be a show with this great band: lucifigous prick on April 11th, 10:00PM, at the Rudyard Kipling. here's a flyer for it:

blue goat war kicks ass, and front porch campaign should put on a good show as well. altogether, it should be a spectacular evening.

also coming up:
March 20th – Headliners – Frank Black & the Catholics – ticket
March 25th – (i hate) Jillians – Henry Rollins – ticket
April 10th – Headliners – John Spencer Blues Explosion – ticket
April 15th – Lou. Palace – Ani Difranco – ticket
April 30th – Jim Porter's – Reverend Horton Heat

ok, i'm not a huge Ani Difranco fan, but i don't mind her, and she is a big name, so it's good to see her playing here in town (along with Tori Amos who was here very recently). also, i'm not sure what the ticketing situation is with the Horton Heat show, but it would seem that Jim Porter's can't be bothered to manage a little "web presence" even when the ticketing/events sites do most of the work. finally, in regards to the Headliners and/or Jillians shows, i do hesitate to "promote" shows at either of these venues because they piss me off–Headliners simply because they charge WAY to damned much for drinks, and Jillians because it's crappy, too expensive, and typically filled to the brim with annoying-as-fuck frat boys and girls. really, it's just not my style at all, and i just don't like it.

finally, don't forget: lucifigous prick, April 11th, 10:00PM. we *will* be going on first. so show up at *least* on time, if not a little early. no, really, i mean it. bitches.

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Javan said:


# March 19, 2003,

m@ said:

frat, as in "fraternity."

"frat boy" is typically a derogatory term applied to someone who either *is* in a fraternity, or who has obviously manufactured his personal style and attitude to fit in with a particular group.

but surely you knew this one already.

# March 20, 2003,

brian. said:

i think sorority girls would be more accurate. they traditionally don't allow girls in fraternities.

# March 21, 2003,

m@ said:

well, there are "frats" that are co-ed. Most "art" frats (music, theater, etc.) are co-ed, i believe. but yes, i could have said sorority girls to be more clear. but then, i could also just be indicating the "type" of girls that hang out with frat boys–an equally distasteful lot.

# March 24, 2003,

brian. said:


see you there, motherfucker!

# March 27, 2003,