2003.08.31 enough excitement to spare:

i've gotta say that i'm pretty excited right now. my sister just gave birth to her first baby, my first niece. i haven't been able to talk to her about it yet, since she's in France and 6 hours in the future (and thus most likely asleep already after her certainly grueling day), but i'm excited nonetheless.

my first thought was that i have to get to the baby store and buy something for the little one. i plan to be an uncle of the "spoiling rotten" variety for as long as i can manage. only on occasion will i pull out the "mean as a snake and twice as ugly" uncle role, a part so well played by my own uncle "Red"–a man who, even in his (probably) late 50's to early 60's, still makes me fear the "titty twister," toe yank, ear grab, or good old-fashioned chase-down-bear-hug-tickle-of-death (the tickle-of-death usually consisting of very firm and painful pressure to the ribs and/or large chunks of skin… not so much a tickle as an attempt to break something).

now that was a hell of a sentence. sometimes i surprise even myself.

anyway. i'm excited. i'm an uncle. pictures to follow as soon as they're received.
**Update** as you may've noticed, pictures have been added to the picturebar at the right there, and i've even added 4 *more* pictures since adding the first batch. check out the growing devlin family gallery

now, in other news, i did finally get the pictures from sharon's wedding scanned, sized, and uploaded, so you can go check out the (unfortunately rather small) gallery for some shots of the beautiful bride and the reception.

yes, they're a bit dark. i, being a person who generally hates flash photography, neglected to bring my flash along, and the lighting just wasn't up to the task. this was also, of course, before getting my swanky new digital camera.

i also threw up a second new gallery from the same roll of film, this one of my and paul's cats Zoe and Harriet.

last but not least, i finally updated lucifigousprick.com with information about the last show, which, while fun, was also quite frustrating in many ways. more about that later, perhaps, or just go to the site and you can probably piece it together.

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m@ said:

yeah, i added the pictures of the new baby, a picturebar to the post, and even some new (older) pictures of the cats as kittens.


# September 1, 2003,

Sharon said:

well, as far as picking pictures, i'd say the 2nd one (grant an me smiling) is one i'd like to keep… mainly because i look drunk in the first one…

… and if you knew how many typos i have been fixing since i started this email, you would know precisely how many glasses of chateau ste. michelle ( http://www.chateaustemichelle.com ) i've had tonight… yea, so i watched a few x-files and had a great time… 🙂

i think tonight is a great moment to revive my weblog. i feel guilty that i haven't had one in a while. i however have been working on other things such as javascripts (the menu on the front page) and photo galleries (not yet linked, http://www.sharonedmonds.com/gallery/ ). feel free to swipe the code yourself, i don't think i've personalized the design yet.

in any case, thank you for posting the pictures. i'm still wondering how many other pictures from the wedding there are floating around…

say hi to sara for me. believe me, the time with her is well spent. spend all the time you can, skip work even, miss a day with your 'boys' and tell her you love her often. she will remember it for years to come.

that's my philosophical waxing for the evening, have an excellent night 🙂

love always,

# September 1, 2003,

Sharon said:

well i must say that i'm a little embarrassed that i had not seen your post concerning my wedding until i clicked on 'ex-girlfriends' (and now i'm wondering how nicely your javascript will treat my 's and )s ;-)). anyway, thank you so much for the lovely entry about the wedding. that day, through someone else's eyes, made me cry here sitting at my computer. there are many things i wish i could change about that day, as most any married couple can say, but because of those errors AND those very happy and tearful moments i can say that it was a day i will remember for the rest of my life. the fact that you came is a priceless gift that i cannot ever fully thank you for (and no thank-you card for dvd's and books will ever do you justice). i love you dearly though i don't say it often, i love you closely though you're far away, and i love you unconditionally because we have known each other for so long, understand each other's weaknesses, and can still call each other 'friend'. take care.

love always,

# September 1, 2003,

m@ said:

you did see the rest of the gallery as well, right?
( /bipolar/gallery.php?&gn=right/pics/events/weddings/sharon ) though yeah, that one of you and Grant smiling is probably the best one i managed to capture. Nevertheless, what i lack in photographic evidence of the event, i more than make up for with my memories.

I'm glad that you enjoyed my post (now that you've finally *read* it, tsk. tsk. ;). it was a touching and memorable event for me, though i'm certain it was much more-so for you.

# September 1, 2003,

Javan said:

amen to Uncle Red.

# September 23, 2003,

SARA said:

Ahhh…. remember when…. Those cats used to have a girlish figure!!!

My favourite is you holding the cats up!!!


# October 10, 2003,