2003.12.18 you'd think *i* was the one in med school:

hi. uh… my name's matt. you might remember me from such hits as "posts on a semi-regular basis," or "lies, lies, and more lies." needless to say, considering the time of year, quite a bit has happened since my last post. i'm not going to try to go into it all in one post, but here's a summary, in the form of an ordered list:

  1. visited nathan in bloomington over a weekend
  2. followed, almost as i predicted, the fun the Courier-Journal was having with Ernie Fletcher's stupid transition team choices, and his lies about them not being lined up for jobs. he hadn't even been sworn into office yet, and already his making questionable choices and getting reamed for it by the liberal media.
  3. got to meet sara's new niece Emma Rose
  4. got a new cell-phone, but had to wait a week for it to work, because of the whole number-portability thing
  5. went home for thanksgiving and finally got to meet my new niece Emma Ruth
  6. made some modifications to the MP3 of the moment thing… anyone notice? — for a while, i was uploading the mp3 directly from WinAmp to the server, and the magic script gnomes were providing a link to it for you to download. i scrapped that in favor of…
  7. more modifications to replace the previous modifications — now, if you see the little "listen (x)" link after the MP3 name, (on my side anyway), you can "tune in" to my bipolar radio stream.
  8. even more modifications that basically entailed me taking the javascript that was driving the MP3otM thing, and converting it all to PHP. — oh yeah, and, it doesn't show up at all if it's been more than 30 minutes since we last listened to anything.
  9. finally managed to get around to buying christmas presents, spent way too much, but found some cool stuff.

sara's working on her 1st semester finals this week, so i've been trying to keep her sane. i'm just looking forward to the rest of the month, at least until she starts her 2nd semester. it'll be nice to be able to hang out with her without her worrying about a test or having to study 90% of the time.

i'm looking forward to this next week as well. christmas with the fam is always an enjoyable time, even if i'm somewhat of a anti-social hermit while i'm there. i've been getting better over the years, we'll see what happens this time.

btw. winamp5 has been officially released.

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8 Responses to “you'd think *i* was the one in med school:”

Jennifer said:

Happy Christmas/Saturnalia to you and yours, Matt! I was beginning to wonder what the heck happened to ya. Happy Christmas to you, too, Brian! Hope you all managed to escape the evil doddering flu everyone seems to have gotten. Man, I thought I was gonna die.

P.S. Our website is in its infancy, but we got a forum runnin' over there, if you ever happen to stop by. It's all of 2 weeks old or so, and hasn't been touched in almost as long.


# December 21, 2003,

paul said:

it's all a lie, people. matt has a couple of monkey butlers that do everything for him. don't be fooled. i would know, i live with him. he sits around all day sipping knob creek and eating exotic chocolates.

# December 22, 2003,

brian. said:

Paul speaks truth. He made them dress up as elves at the Christmas party. It's kinda hard to hang out with Matt when he has a monkey giving him a pedicure.

# December 27, 2003,

Jennifer said:

At least he has good taste in Kentucky bourbon. You can whip your monkey slaves 'til the cow comes home, but it's a proper appreciation for bourbon that really matters.

# December 27, 2003,

Javan said:

I saw the monkeys! Matt better watch out for PETA!

# December 28, 2003,

Javan said:

I know you're still alive, Matt. I talked to you on the phone the other night. There must be some other reason for not posting in the last twenty days…

# January 7, 2004,

m@ said:

there are reasons, most of them not necessarily good ones. i'm working on getting the huge pile of photos i took over thanksgiving and christmas break uploaded to the galleries (and i'm attempting a major overhaul of the gallery scripts as well…)

soon, young jedi, a post you may see.

# January 7, 2004,

brian. said:

I'm enjoying said upgrades in the script. Really.

# January 10, 2004,