2004.07.04 you're giving death a kiss:

today is my last sunday, here at work. i got a new schedule which has me (finally) working a monday through friday week. it's about time.

i took a ton of photos at the braid shows i attended and finally got them uploaded to the server. for some reason, matt's gallery script is broke/doesn't like them, so here's the raw directories:

braid: columbus; indianapolis

minus the bear: columbus and indianapolis

i'd email matt about his script not working but a: i'm too lazy and b: he never answers email. i wonder if he even reads it. i'm convinced all email sent to matt gets redirected to a junk mail folder. all of it.

yesterday i went over and helped joe knock some walls out of his new house. "new" is kinda misleading, i guess, as the house is over 100 years old. either way, we got to take sledgehammers and prybars and everything else under the sun to those walls, making a glorious mess. at the end of the day, though, there were lots of empty beers and nice big holes where those walls previously stood. and i was absolutely filthy. when i got home i walked straight into the house and into the shower.

the computer at home is finally fixed. we ended up just putting a new motherboard and processor into the damn thing. so far…no issues. it's nice to have a working computer again.

time to get back to doing as little as possible…

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m@ said:

i do read my email, it's just that i mostly get junk and mailing list messages, so i'm kind of out of practice on the whole "responding-to-email" thing.

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