2004.07.05 you're gonna ruin your shoes:

matt has set me straight on the gallery scripts, so the pictures from yesterday have been properly added. you can find them here:


minus the bear

i didn't do much for the 4th. we usually have band practice on sundays, but since everyone was busy doing whatever, i just sat around the house and messed with the computer until i got hungry. i set out, intending to walk to q'doba for a burrito, then had a change of heart as i walked past za's. one calzone and a 22oz whitbread later, billy got off work and we drove around, looking for something to do. the lebowskifest guys were having a party at their office, so we decided to head down there for some beer and karaoke. after that, i just went home and went to bed.

wow. two days, two posts. is this the start of a new trend?

i doubt it.

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