2005.01.11 creeps in this petty pace from day to day

the time rapidly approaches wherein my bachelorhood will find it's end. as i've mentioned before, the planning process is progressing, and gathering in force. my lovely bride-to-be, being in med school, has (however tentatively) handed over the reigns of this process to yours truly (and her mother), so i'm going to be hip deep in it for a while. my other projects will have to take an increasingly distant back-seat to the three big uber-projects that i have to undertake–1) planning the wedding (obviously), 2) planning the honeymoon, and 3) finding a place for us to live.

if any of you here in the 'ville have lines on a good, relatively cheap DJ who'll do a wedding reception without prattling on incessantly and trying to be funny, let me know about 'em.

a sub-project that's moving closer to completion is the website i'm designing to house relevant information and meaningful stuff–something to kind of mark the occasion for us and provide all the answers for the curious. i'm trying to do it without going off the deep-end of cheesiness, though i imagine that with a sentimental site of this nature it's probably almost impossible to avoid. nevertheless, the main point is to have fun creating something honoring our relationship. it's still far from complete, but i've posted some mockups, and i thought you might enjoy them.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

those are real low-quality JPEGs to save on bandwidth–the actual site won't look so blurry.

comments on the design are welcomed.

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4 Responses to “creeps in this petty pace from day to day:”

Paul said:

Christ, we need to get a better picture of me in there. Other than that, the site looks… precious. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

# January 13, 2005,

Sharon Edmonds said:

Ideas on the DJ thang… Grant and I souped up my old Mac G4 with iTunes, loaded up about 30 hours worth of music (exaggeration), and made a play order. We used some speakers we'd planned to buy for our entertainment system, and voila… Instant DJ! And, the best parts — (1) we didn't have to pay anyone, (2) we had complete control over the playlist,(3) music was picked out by us and our wedding party, and (4) I was able to express just exactly how much of a computer nerd I really am. 😉

# January 15, 2005,

Sharon Edmonds said:

Oh, at the time we also had to relay the sound through my stereo… you could easily use a receiver, or even a boom box I would suppose… since some (most, any? I don't know) computers won't allow for a direct hookup with speakers that don't have some kind of radio jack.

# January 15, 2005,

m@ said:

we'd thought about the computer-as-DJ thing… especially since i've recently got my new laptop (well, in the last year) and have all the music i own stored on its hard drive. if there's not a house PA, i'm sure i could just use my personal home stereo receiver, rent an amp, or just borrow the one we use for the band (assuming Jim gets a new one between now & then)

it's a thought, for sure. but we'll still have to have someone to "manage" the playlists, to make sure they follow the flow of the evening.

# January 18, 2005,