2005.06.10 anxious/nervous/excited

the day is almost upon us. tomorrow +3 hours from now, i will be married and beginning the next phase of my life. it'll be weird to share a house with someone again, but i'm looking forward to having Sara there all the time.

amazingly enough, i haven't really been nervous or apprehensive about the whole thing until about… oh, 10 minutes ago. i think my nervousness mainly stems from the confluence of events and things that have to happen in the next 24 hours to pull this thing off. plus, we're taking a weeks vacation, and i always feel like i'm leaving something undone in the days/hours leading up to a departure. and there are so many things to leave undone. of course, none of them cannot be picked up when we return, but it's the reality of leaving things in a half-done state that is a bit nerve-wracking.

while we're gone, my laptop will be in the shop, the electrician will be roaming about the house bug-bombing the crawlspace and grounding all our outlets. seems like there should be more going on than that… amazing how the mind blows things out of proportion at the slightest provocation.

nevertheless, i'm trying to maintain my focus on Sara and enjoying the proceedings. tomorrow is all about me & her, so i want to make sure we're not losing perspective with all the other stuff going on.

and despite that selfish focus, i'm sincerely looking forward to being able to get all my friends and family, and new extended family under one roof, and to be able to see and talk to as many of them as possible, especially those i don't get to see very often (which is pretty much everybody, considering our social calendar of late).

so, i'm excited, i'm nervous, i'm anxious, and i'm focused (or trying to be) on the things about this next 30 hours that are the most meaningful. all-in-all i suppose i'm pretty much the typical husband-to-be.

wish us luck!

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Sharon Edmonds said:

I'm the first to post on this comment! yay!

Thanks so much for the wedding invitation! I thought the ceremony was beautiful, and your nieces were adorable! I tried to take some snapshots of them, but I don't know how they turned out. I'll post them at http://photos.razzberry.net/ ASAP.

Now that I've met AND spoken to Sara, I can't wait to move to Louisville! She is so nice and sweet, and seems like a really fun person to hang out with. The one worry that I have upon moving is having to rebuild some kind of social life, but I feel much better knowing that friends like the two of you will be there.

I can't really put into descriptive words how much the ceremony had an impact on me, so I'll try to describe it by telling you about my life as of recent. I have to admit, before this weekend I was feeling very down about my current life trials (selling the house, deciding how to pay for college, etc.). When I saw the two of you during the ceremony and the way you looked at each other, something in me just clicked. I grabbed Grant's hand, kissed the back of it, and just felt so much happier. That's the kind of impact I felt. UTTER HAPPINESS radiating from everyone in the ceremony. 😀

I hope that you both had an amazing time in Florida. 🙂 And M@, if you guys ever have some time open when you get back, I'd love to swing by and say hello. I'll be back and forth from Lafayette to Louisville while trying to find an apartment.

Love to you both!! <3 <3 <3

# June 11, 2005,

m@ said:

I enjoyed your photos, but even more-so your being at the wedding! It was great to get to see you again after such a long time. I'm looking forward to you and Grant moving into town.

Let us know when you're in town and we'll definitely make time if it's at all possible. Now that the house is approaching some state of organization (still a ways to go, but Sara–and to a lesser extent I–made tons of progress this weekend in that regard), we're just about ready to unpack the social calendar and get things moving.

I really think that this year will herald a social rennaissance of sorts for my friends and I. We're all living apart from each other now, so we'll actually have to make a point to talk to, see, and hang out with each other.

We already managed to make it out with a couple friends to see Shakes in the Park (Macbeth), and Paul whipped up an impromptu house par-tay on Saturday, so things are already looking promising.

So, when you do finally get in town, hopefully we'll have a social event of some kind at least every other week that we can drag you guys to so you can meet all our cool friends.

Then we need to get Jennifer & Perry, and Jess & John back in town! Gary & Mayumi from Sara's crew will be in town for a few months, from what i've heard. And i'm looking forward to a little inter-circle mingling as well. Goodness knows, there're enough points of connection, similarity, and familiarity already…

# June 27, 2005,

m@ said:

kind of got off on the social thing there, but i wanted to say that i'm glad that you enjoyed the ceremony and that it effected you in that way. i know we were very moved by the whole thing, and i heard from most everyone that the emotion that Sara and i were feeling was reflected in and amplified by the audience as well. it really was great. and i'm glad that we could brighten your day with a little extra spark of happiness.

# June 27, 2005,