2006.09.07 blast from the link-blog past:

not that bipolar was ever really a "link-blog," but I compiled this little list for my best gal earlier today, and thought it wouldn't be totally imprudent to post it here for you guys. i have a couple post ideas brewing, but really i just need to get off my ass and post my usual off-the-cuff b.s. like i used to.

anyway, here's the list o' links:

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3 Responses to “blast from the link-blog past:”

Rocko said:

Dear dickwad,

are you Bipolar? Cuz I am, it turns out. You're a poser and your website is a poser website. Call the law, boy!

Get ahold of me, I want to argue, uh, talk to you, uh, talk with you about mental illnesses and how funny they are. E-mail me because I don't have time for your pinko website, here.


# September 15, 2006,

Rocko said:

What the fuck?!?

# September 15, 2006,

m@ said:

well, I'm pretty sure I'm not bipolar, but I wouldn't care to wager on brian's status. he's a moody boy, that one.

Oh yeah, and WordPress has some built-in comment-spam protection. If you've never commented before (since we upgraded to WordPress), it'll kick your comment to me for approval… at least, I think that's how it works.

# September 15, 2006,