2007.03.30 not an epic post:

so, you may or may not have noticed that i'm trying to get back on the horse here, and i think i've had a realization that part of my stumbling block to getting something out, is the feeling that every post should be a big, epic barn-burner. of course, some of the best posts are, but if every post has to be, then, well, i'd have to lead a more interesting life.

as it is, tonight's post, which was going to be about my upcoming trip to the PHP/tek conference in Chi-town in May, is actually going to be about how much i already despise Vista.

I've had the new laptop just over a day now, and already it has bogged down or crashed out at least 6 times. the first being mere moments after first boot-up and running through the initial new-installation setup routines. i swear, for an OS that is supposed to be the most stable windows version yet, this is one touchy little bitch. I have finally managed to divest it of all the crapware that came pre-installed (including MS works, office trial, and other sundries), but i can't for the life of me figure out where to go to uninstall windows mail or windows messenger. on the bonus side, messenger doesn't seem to be starting up on boot, so maybe i don't have to worrry about that anyway.

oh, and you know that Mac ad with the windows security guy standing behind PC asking him to "cancel or allow?" well, i figured it was an exaggeration, but y'know, it really isn't. every damn time i try to load some piece of software (i am trying to setup a new machine, afterall) i have to confirm that yes, i do want this program to run. and heaven forbid if i try to actually administer the computer.

i may not even make it to the point where i have a working system before I strip it and install Linux. i'm already severely annoyed with Vista, and a little sad that MS can get away with putting out such crap, still.

none of this is to say that Mac OSX isn't without its flaws, but hell, at least they can fall back on the whole "we had to migrate from an entirely different architecture" thing.

oh yeah, and one last thing. the entire time i've been typing this, Vista has been trying to restart, after a software installer failed to even launch. and now, i think it's knocked out my router. but then, my router's been a little wishy washy lately anyway, so i can't blame that entirely on Vista. but i'm still suspicious.

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2 Responses to “not an epic post:”

lisa said:

I got hung up with the notion that every post I made to my blog had to be long and meaningful too, and so I posted less and less often. I've finally switched my site to a blog format, and the fact that I can post anywhere and so quickly takes a bit of getting used to. I'm still sort of hung up on the meaningful bit, but I think I'll shake it.

And I'm no computer expert by any means, but I've hated the Windows system since XP. Every time I have to mess with my parents' Windows machine, which runs XP, I want to punch the screen. I have to use a Windows machine at one of my jobs for design tasks too, and that too drives me nuts, though I'm getting used to it. I love my Mac so much- it's so much more efficient and cleaner and just more pleasant to use in general.

# March 30, 2007,

m@ said:

yeah, i finally got a mac laptop at work, and i've been loving it. some software's not totally stable, but it's performance and ease of use is head and shoulders above windows xp and definitely vista. probably my biggest sticking point with past Macs was the difficulty in "digging into" the system. now that they're unix based, they are infinitely adjustable.

i am hoping that Leopard will address some of the little annoyances, especially with network connectivity and remote shared drives.

# March 30, 2007,