2007.04.01 it's official:

i have stripped the new laptop of the shackles of oppression, by installing the new ubuntu 7.04 beta release. thus far, the beta is performing admirably, though we did have to undo the stupid Firefox "use Linux backspace convention" (i.e. an intentionally added firefox bug where backspace does not equal browser "back" button) breakage. i haven't yet attempted a SMB connection to my desktop windows shares, and i haven't done much beyond launching open office and surfing the web. the only serious OS/driver problem i've run into is that it refuses to drive the laptop display at its native resolution (1280 x 800). there seems to be some chatter on some forums about ways to fix this, so hopefully i'll get this addressed in the near future.

bottom line is that i am now officially a linux geek—my primary machine at home is exclusively running linux… at least until i can get a chance to figure out how to install Mac OSX on there…

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Hooked On Linux | Coffeemonk pinged:

[…] Now, I'd already heard the horror stories, and was prepared for things to go wrong. But, I still wasn't prepared for quite how quickly it would happen. As it turned out, the machine didn't even make it through it's first boot. It crashed and restarted, and then maybe on its second (or third) boot, it finally managed to get to the desktop. After I attempted to run some innocuous program like notepad or something, the machine crashed again, and I turned it off and downloaded and installed Ubuntu. […]

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