2007.04.03 a distinct lack of joy:

so yeah, work has been a might annoying the last week or so. i really enjoy being a web developer, aside from the occasional annoyances, mainly having to do with browser compatibility issues and occasionally poor support of web standards. i enjoy the problem solving, and making pretty, functional things. i've realized that i really don't enjoy doing diagrams, documentation, proposals and estimates. i suppose it won't be quite as bad once i have a clue as to what i'm doing, but it's just terribly annoying to have to do things, and finish them on some kind of deadline, when you don't really understand what it is you're supposed to be delivering.

probably the most annoying part of the job is the way there tend to be dry spells in work, followed by a few weeks where every day is full and the deadline for every project practically overlaps. and then there's the equipment malfunctioning and behaving improperly. gah.

well, anyway, i'm just frustrated after a long, trying couple of weeks. good thing is, we're closed for Good Friday, and i could really use the long weekend.

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2 Responses to “a distinct lack of joy:”

lisa said:

Hey- but look at the bright side- at least you know how to build the website architecture. It's my job for both of the regular contract gigs I have to figure out how to actually use what web developers like you build, and believe me- that documentation is a godsend, as well as the proposals, because that helps me convince the powers that be to hire the developers. But in your defense, you shouldn't be the one writing proposals & estimates- that's the salesperson's job. 🙂

# April 5, 2007,

m@ said:

yeah, i know… documentation has its place… but damn, is it annoying to write.

and yeah, there're already people who're supposed to do that stuff anyway!

# April 6, 2007,