2007.04.05 a list:

a cow-orker was asking about Sonic Youth today, specifically for a "best of" type of list. i responded with a limited list and the stipulation that i never feel comfortable picking favorites. i figured, with my resurgence on ye olde bipolar, it might be an interesting thing to pass along.

the following list is primarily made up of my highest rated SY tracks in iTunes, though i haven't rated every track that's in my library, so i don't claim it to be a complete list. i did cherry pick a couple of tracks from among the currently unrated ones, to fill out the list.

Washing Machine
Skip Tracer
No Queen Blues
Confusion is Sex
Confusion is Next
A Thousand Leaves
Hits of Sunshine
Bad Moon Rising
Death Valley '69
Murray Street
Disconnection Notice
NYC Ghosts & Flowers
NYC Ghosts & Flowers
Hendrix Necro

so, if you've never heard of 'em, or you just haven't made up your mind about 'em yet, i'd say these are a really great starting point.

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