2008.12.17 when things go bad:

Ben: bukowski, huh?
Me: sure.
Me: he's a bit fucked up.
Ben: oh yeah
Ben: but in an awesome old and shitty way
Me: hehe.
Me: yeah.

Me: basically, if something happened to sara, and i'm left a childless widower, i see that as being a possible outcome for my life.
Me: just go down that road.
Me: fuck it.
Me: lonely drunk friendless whoring writer.
Me: hm. that sounds pretty bad, actually.
Ben: yeah
Me: maybe just drunk writer.
Me: that's a little better.

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2 Responses to “when things go bad:”

Javan said:

? or you could just do it anyway

# December 19, 2008,

Paul said:

I can see leaving out the "lonely" and "bitter" parts, but "whoring"? C'mon!

# December 20, 2008,