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2003.05.09 they're all the same:

nothing much to mention, I just wanted to direct everyone to a little article written by ted rall. ted's an amazing politcal and social commentator, and a hell of a cartoonist to boot. his article made me laugh my ass off and still agree with everything he said.

and yes…i just posted this here so javan can get his panties in a bunch and try to discredit anyone involved.

birthday countdown: 2 days to shop!

(no…i still don't know what shame is.)

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2003.05.07 this town don't feel right:

after digging around the internet for a while, i was finally able to dig up a review of the stooges reunion at coachella. sounds like it was one hell of a show, to say the least. i found some pictures, as well. iggy looks damn fit for someone who is about 1,000 years old and spent so much time trying to destroy himself.

in other music news, the new deftones record comes out on may 20th. they're playing at the metro on my birthday (may 11th! this sunday!), but i'm not even going to try to pull another "drive up to chicago to see a show and then turn around and come back home" any time soon. the rocket show was exhausting enough as it was. you can watch the video for "minerva" off the new record at the official site. i'm sure paul is at least slightly excited.

did i mention that my birthday is sunday? no? well…maybe you should check out my amazon wishlist or something…

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2003.05.03 to and fro, and then in slo mo:

it seems that i'm slowly coming to grips with capitalization. i started using it more on forums that i frequent (so as not to look like a total moron, these guys are authors, for chrissakes!), but now whenever i'm typing out these posts to bipolar, i keep having to fight the urge. i made the decision for no capital letters here a long time ago, and i've adhered to it strictly. even when it has caused me more than a little inconvenience. like those comic reviews in the last post? they were originally posted over at millarworld, and i had to edit out all of the capital letters for publication here.

yes…i really am that neurotic.

sooo…derby day. woo. derby eve was fun because brooksie and i went to see x2, which i thought was great. more like…

totally. fucking. awesome.


everyone go out and get some free comics today? i didn't have time to before work. i suck. i know. i would probably chance to say that i'm not really the person that they gear free comic book day toward, anyway. it's the new readers, the people that didn't catch ultimate x-men the day it came out. and it's a great fucking idea.

by the way…nightcrawler fuckin' rules.

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2003.04.30 turning your orbit around:

just to completely push the comic nerd factor to the limits, here's some capsule reviews/post-reading thoughts of the stuff i bought today:

batman #614
awesome issue. jim lee just keeps on amazing me. his joker rocketed right up there with bolland's, in my eyes. nice that loeb gave him a little bit of the classic characterization, as well. a "batboob" every now and then never hurt anyone. glad to see gordon show up. and i was pretty convinced that the mystery villain was going to be exactly who they lead you to believe at the end. loeb has a hard-on for him, anyway. if i were a comic book character, i'd totally be hot for jim lee's catwoman.

superman: red son #1
fan-fuckin'-tastic. i think the end result is totally going to justify the wait we've endured on this one. right up there with gotham by gaslight and holy terror as one of my favorite elseworlds. i really am counting the days until #2…

ultimate x-men #32
if this is what they call a "penultimate" chapter…i dunno. i like the set up, and then i realized that's all it is. set-up for issue #33, millar's last issue. i hope the story pays off and mark goes out in style. kubert's art continues to look sketchy in spots. i still blame miki.

i didn't pick up the new catwoman, i guess i'll just do that on friday. if you live in new york city, make sure to pick up the post on wednesday or thursday. x2 comes out on friday and you can pick up a free copy of ultimate x-men #1 (as well as other cool books) at just about any local comic shop.

now i'm gonna go get some q'doba.

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2003.04.23 i only want to try and be your friend:

o.j. simpson gets a reality show…think they'll show him "looking for the killers" out on the golf course? wow…i hope so.

easter went well. i hung out with the girlfriend's uncle (who certainly doesn't look 64…) and talked about tattoos and being young, drunk, and in the navy. always a good time. i did, however, come to the conclusion that i don't like lamb. i try not to eat any meat except birds (long story…if i can't kick it's ass with my bare hands, i don't want to eat it), but i made an exception for the sake of the girl and her family. appear gracious and all that jazz. the rest of the dinner was great, but i think i'll steer away from lamb from now on.

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2003.04.19 i got the new colossus:

another saturday, another full day spent at work. it's okay, though, because i have my new addiction to help get me through it: bookworm at damn straight. try it and you'll never be able to quit.

i picked up the wilco dvd yesterday. it's pretty damn cool. lots of extra footage, commentary, great music. i highly recommend it.

when i showed up to work today, there was a ton of people all massed around the entrance. i seriously thought there was some sort of protest going on, like they had turned off the cable to an entire apartment complex or something. come to find out, it's just the yearly company easter egg hunt. tons of kids running around with baskets and eggs. a recipe for disaster if i've ever seen one.

speaking of easter, it looks like i've opted to spend it with the girlfriend's family. i've been doing a lot of family things with her, as of late, and it's kinda nice. i have to make sure to call my grandmother today and let her know i won't be making it to my family's own shindig. i have to leave for work right after diner, anyway, so neither family is gaining or losing anything fancy. eat, wave, zoom to work. sounds like a blast.

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2003.04.12 oh hail to the thief:

i'd like to take time on this saturday to point out that hellboy is one of the greatest comics ever. want proof? here you go.

today is thunder over louisville and where am i? at work, reading hellboy comics on the internet. i guess there are worse things i could be doing with my day.

like chinese water torture.

or listening to celine dion.

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2003.04.02 i don't know why you bother:

my weekend in rock (an essay by j. brian hall)

saturday saw me jump in the car with my cousin chris to head up to bloomington to see spoon and crooked fingers. we got up there pretty early, so we ended up sitting in an irish pub for a while, drinking a couple of beers and watching basketball. we got the show before anyone started, shot a few games of pool, then found a couch to plop our asses on while the first couple of bands played. the first band sucked. they'd obviously seen the make-up a time or two and thought "that should be easy…let's try it ourselves!" well…it's obviously not easy to be the make-up. the second band was pretty good. i'd read that the singer/guitarist guy had worked with john strohm, so i was interested in hearing it. not bad at all.

then the crooked fingers. a strange cross between neil diamond and nick cave. i still can't figure out if i like it or not.

spoon was awesome. they brought the rock and were having a blast the whole time. they kept saying "indiana is cool!" and "why haven't we been here before?" if by "cool" they meant "visor wearing, hippie dancing, drunken college idiots," they were dead on. amazing judges of character.

got back from bloomington at about 4am. went to bed. had to get some sleep before the long drive to chicago…

for rocket from the crypt.

the girl and i got there right as the second band was finishing. just in time for sahara hotnights. damn them swedes can rock. after that, rocket hit the stage. they proceeded to rip out some serious shit, as only they can really do. no circa now! material, but i guess i'll live. "bucket of piss" and "bring us bullets" take on a whole new life live. speedo mentioned they were backing up a friend of his across town at the beat kitchen, so we decided to head over there and check it out. the "friend" was none other than sonny vincent…punk rock legend and complete unknown to me. they kicked out the jams in what could only be described as a "punk rock barnburner." full on conflagration, more like.

after sonny's set, we turned around, got in the car, and drove back home to louisville. we got home around 7am, picked up breakfast, and went the fuck to bed.

i'm still tired.

the end.

or something.

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2003.03.28 copper will never be gold:

from the rocket name generator. i'm rc3 alpha.

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2003.03.25 bucket of piss:

even more entertaining than porno webcams: live baghdad cam! sometimes in nightscope green!

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