2002.02.15 my old friend, coffee:

it's been a slow week. not much going on. but, happily, it appears that a couple members of the old murray crew will be coming into town this weekend to hang out. it'll be the first time we've had quite this many together since jim's wedding. it should certainly be interesting.

on Saturday, we're planning a little get-together at Jim's house… the band will probably play, possibly even Old Man if they're up to it (we haven't really asked them yet, so Paul, this is me asking).

Valentine's day came and went without much difficulty, i mainly just did my best to ignore it. i'm not going to whine and bitch about not having anyone to share this "special" day with, because really, the fault lies mainly with myself. i need to get up off my lazy ass, go do some things that make me happy, and yank my balls out from where they've crawled up inside my abdomen long enough to talk to a girl (or four) that i might be interested in. one 'o these days, that'll happen. this is the year for it.

last night i finally made my first batch of turkish coffee, though i found out (did a little online research) that i really probably picked up the wrong kind of pot. i guess the one i've got is adequate, but the real ibriks depend on the wide bottom and narrow top to help "cook" the coffee (the coffee grounds sitting on top of the water form a lid of sorts that helps raise the temperature… or something like that), but the pot i picked up is only marginally narrower at the top. really though, it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. only thing i didn't have was a froth on top of the coffee… the froth got all boiled away. and i drank three of the little fuckers, so needless to say, i was pretty wired for a while last night.

well, now i've got something to fix next friday when we get back from the bar… assuming i'm lucid enough to prepare it… drip coffee is quite a bit easier to make.

ah well. that's it. that's all i got.

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4 Responses to “my old friend, coffee:”

paul said:

umm… they were all down for brax's birthday. last year. sorry to contradict you.

# February 15, 2002,

brian. said:

damn. paul just dropped the knowledge on yo' cranium, dawg. all hail the mighty puffin.

# February 15, 2002,

matt said:

was nate here then for brax's b-day? neither he nor i could remember… hm… you're probably right. i have a very very bad memory. but then… i think you know that already…

# February 15, 2002,

Nate said:

I don't think I was. I can't believe you're still getting high on coffee, Matt. Just go spend the 3 bucks on paint thinner and brownbags, and huff your way to a happier, healthier self.

# February 21, 2002,