2002.02.28 to tell a tale:

Ok. so i flubbed up. i couldn't keep up the pace! i crumbled like a cookie! i folded like a house of cards! no update from ol' matty in… uh… almost two weeks! (damn, has it really been that long?)
crap. oh well, better luck next time.

Onward, to the meat of today's post.

< backstory > I've got this friend who's been going through a bit of a rough spot in his life the past couple months, and i've been doing what i can to help keep cheerful, if not altogether happy. we talk pretty much every day on the ol' jabber just doing the normal everyday IM thing that (probably) you and a million other people do. well, today, part of our conversation went a little something like this:

Him: So tell me a story.
Me:  uh… i don't know any stories.
Me:  Hmm.
Him: Tell me the one about the guy whose life is pretty screwy, but eventually he makes it out okay and his friends come and visit him a bunch.
Me:  well, there was this guy, see?
H: Uhuh?
M: and he lived in this little house.
H: k
M: and for a long time while he lived there he thought things were really cool.
M: then, one day, he realized that things really weren't so cool after all.
M: and this made the guy in the little house sad.
H: Right. I've been there.
M: but this guy had a friend in another little house far far away.
M: he liked to talk to this friend.
M: and this friend liked to talk to him.
H: Right.
H: I wouldn't call his house little.
M: (suspension of disbelief, please, or i'll smack your hand with a little ruler)
H: K
H: So they liked to talk.
M: they liked to talk.
H: Right.
M: and they liked to visit each other.
H: Right.
M: sometimes, the guy in the little house would go visit his friend.
M: sometimes, his friend would come up to visit him.
M: but mainly, they just wrote to each other, and enjoyed being able to do so.
M: but now that this guy in the little house was sad, it made his friend sad too. so his friend did what he could to cheer up this guy. and if it weren't for the fact that he lived so far away, and things in this guy's little house still weren't cool again yet, he would have gone to visit this guy to cheer him up more.
M: and this guy understood, but he was still sad.
M: well, as time passed, the two friends continued to talk and to visit as much as they could, despite the fact that they lived in different towns far far away from each other. and each time this guy and his friend talked to, or saw each other, this guy was just a *teeny* bit less sad.
M: then one day, while the two friends were visiting, (which they did fairly often now) this guy realized that he didn't feel sad anymore, or that if he did, it was only a very very little bit. and this guy told his friend the news, and his friend laughed and said
M: "ha ha! of course you are!" and "didn't i tell you everything would be cool again!?"
M: and this guy laughed, and said
M: "of course you did! and you were right, too!"
M: and they both grinned, slapped each other on the back, and walked wherever their feet would take them.

the end.

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Nate said:

Good fucking story.

# March 1, 2002,

m@ said:

thanks nate.

# March 1, 2002,