2002.03.05 so, can i take over a satellite with this thing?:

well, i've been getting pressure again to establish some sort of regular posting pattern, but unfortunately, there's been enough going on to deflect me from posting when i think about it, and not enough going on to really warrant posts of any kind of substance. life seems to be pretty much status quo for me at the moment, no warrants, no arrests. no all-night benders with cheap booze and cheaper girls. such is the luck.

i finally got myself one'a them handheld deevices. Handspring Visor thingamabob. i tell you, that thing is going to steal my soul. I've got bejeweled on it, and SimCity (not to mention the actually useful applications like shopping list programs and address books & whatnot.) between just figuring out what the fuck i'm doing with the thing, and installing all the various software on my work & home machines, and playing those addictive fucking games… i really not sure what's going on any more… it's March, isn't it?

anyway, works fine, life's fine, band's fine, car's fine. uh…

hung out with brian tonight and actually got Paul to come along, that was nice.

damn, it's late, i haven't accomplished much of anything, and i have got to get to bed.

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6 Responses to “so, can i take over a satellite with this thing?:”

tim said:

yeah, you can take over satellites with a palm thingie. just watch under siege 2, and tell me that eric bogosian did not do just that. fuckin' priceless, that movie.

# March 5, 2002,

Nate said:

I don't know which would be a more challenging task. Taking over a satellite with a Visor or balancing Matt's checkbook.

# March 6, 2002,

matt said:

yeah, that would be kind of a toss-up, nate.
and tim, did you happen to catch what software the baddie was using? 😉

# March 7, 2002,

brian. said:

you should really post more often.

# March 14, 2002,

Nate said:

Here here. I second the gripe.

# March 15, 2002,

brian. said:

tally ho! get that bitch to work! jolly good!

# March 15, 2002,