2002.03.27 quick updates:

ok. so, my car is fucked right now. apparently the clutch has pissed off the engine and now they're just not communicating. i think they're at the note-passing, or speaking through friends phase, but things aren't looking all rosy in oil & piston land.

anyway, i've got work to do, but i wanted to post an update real quick-like. first off, the assistance that you've given has been invaluable regarding exactly what the hell i should be doing with my time. we've got a winner so far, but i'd love to see some more votes to really drive the point home (yes, of course, i haven't done any work on any of these projects yet, but my computer's been being a bitch lately as well–seems like the things i own always have a bad habit of breaking down at the same times.) anyway, on to the vote:

votes   project
_1__ finish 2nd poetry book
____ finish & submit short story(/stories)
____ write new poems
_3__ write screenplay
_2__ continue working on novel
_1__ redesign coffeemonk.com
____ design separate myfavoritemartyr.com
____ today/tomorrow mixed 2 CD set
____ mixed cover songs CD
____ learn to play bass for Old Man
_1__ put together (personal) media server
_1__ design new bipolar theme
_1__ finish playing computer games i'm in the middle of
____ put unboxed comics in boxes

so, there's that. please feel free to comment on this post to cast your vote as to which project i should work on/attempt to complete first. those of you who have already voted from the first post, you can vote again. just 'cause i'm nice.

we had our band practice last night, got a little bit done, so it looks like our demo should be officially ready this coming sunday. we're crossing our fingers. once that's done and distributed, then you guys can all come and see us play (assuming we can convince any club owners to let us set up a show). but now, the moment at least two of you have been waiting for (which two, i'm not sure, but there's gotta be at least two of ya.)

the first (public) Lucifigous Prick pre-demo mp3 release
The Wrath of Orson (mp3, 10.8MB, 11:26)

enjoy. and feel free to let me know what you think.

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6 Responses to “quick updates:”

m@ said:

c'mon people, i know you're out there.
let's have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

# March 28, 2002,

Zarek said:

"finish playing computer games i'm in the middle of"

I'd go with that one… well, if the games are good. If not, I'd go with a redesign of coffeemonk.com

# March 28, 2002,

m@ said:

thanks Zarek. actually, let's see… i'm in the middle of Dune 2000, Dominion Wars, DS9: The Fallen, still need to play Spider-Man 2 (for PS2), and still need to install and play the new Bridge Commander game. of course, now that i've wiped & reinstalled Windows, i'll have to reinstall them all… hm… decisions decisions.

anyone else?

# March 29, 2002,

Nate said:

You've got the "Spiderman The Movie" game now? Dick-monkey…

# March 31, 2002,

m@ said:

no no. not Spider-Man: The Movie game, the sequel to the PS1 Spidey Game… Electro's revenge or something like that… and actually, i think it's not just for PS2… i think it's a PS1 game. but yeah, i still need to play it.

# April 1, 2002,

paul said:

the spider-man game that was bought for you way back on your fucking birthday.

# April 1, 2002,