2002.05.08 slacker:

damn. looks like ol' Spidey's going gangbusters. I had hoped it would be good, and i figured there would be a good big reaction, but i have to admit that i never saw this happening. $114.8M in three days (final numbers). craziness. that's what it is.

well anyway, so, now i've seen it three times. hehe.

i've hesitated to make a new post because the comments on the last post have been fairly active (compared to the normal comment volume anyway), but i've used that as an excuse long enough.

since the Lucifigous Prick show is now listed on the Louisville Music Index, i took a couple hours to throw together a quick site. and i finally registered the domain name. so now, i don't have to post links to our MP3s here, and instead can do this: http://www.lucifigousprick.com/.

and aside from Spidey, band stuff, work, and hanging out with Nate (who's out of school and in town for a few days), not much has been going on.

exciting (& geeky, as usual) things happening today:
1. will be picking up the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two DVD box set
2. i get to pick up the comics (hopefully) that didn't get delivered to the store last week, plus this weeks comics
3. back-to-back new episodes of Enterprise

am i happy? do you have to ask?

i didn't think so.

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6 Responses to “slacker:”

paul said:

christ! you're such a geek! how did i ever let you get this bad! somebody shoot me!

note to self: pick up blank tapes so i can keep taping the entire run of deep space nine and the farscape marathon on the 31st.

# May 8, 2002,

Nate said:


# May 17, 2002,

Nate said:

Double yawn…

# May 20, 2002,

paul said:

i thank matt is dead.

# May 20, 2002,

Nate said:

We need to start the coma rumors in a much larger circle of people. Eventually we can start a "Save Matt" fund, and then a band can steal that as their name too…

# May 20, 2002,

m@ said:

the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.


# May 20, 2002,