2002.08.15 buy more drinks!:


man, last night was fun. as paul already explained, the 25 cent rock'n'roll spectacularrrrr went really well.

Old Man had a great set to kick off the night, and everybody seemed to be digging it. It was good to finally get to see them onstage again, after walking in and out on them during practices at the house. besides, when they're playing in the house, i don't get to enjoy their sarcastically witty (or wittily sarcastic) stage banter.

Green Formica Table took the stage and proceeded to blow the doors off. i can't say enough about these guys. i just love 'em. Now, some people i know don't really like them because of some of the atonal chord/note structures and progressions, but i love it. love it love it. some of the stuff they were doing onstage was just making me giggle with glee.

then there was us–the prick, or, as the LEO misspelled it, Lucisigious Prick. "the band of many misspellings", as Paul so eloquently put it. i think leading up to the show (before we took the stage) i was more nervous this time than at our last show. in fact, by the time we started, i was literally just feeling weak and exhausted. it was all alright though, i didn't fall over or have my knee give out on me or anything like that. and, once we got started playing and got through the first song, i was perfectly at ease and enjoying myself. i had a blast. it was also great to get such a good reaction to our new songs (the only ones we've played publicly without first soliciting our friends' opinions).

all in all, it was a great night. good turnout, good audience participation, excellent performances from the bands, and everybody was having fun.

there was the whole thing with the bartender "threatening" to shut down the bar because they weren't making enough money, but the audience really came through when the call was made–"buy more drinks!"

i can't wait 'til next time.

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