2002.12.31 stick a fork in it, this year is done:

well folks, it's new years eve… day… or something. it's about time for that yearly wrap-up post wherein we cannibalize old material for new jokes, or just include a bunch of links to old posts so that the old material can provide its own punchline.

i haven't yet started to go back through the posts from this past year, but i have this feeling that it's going to be like a harvest after a drought… not much to pick from. i know i've been negligent this past year (plus some) and haven't posted as much as i should, partially because i've been attempting to develop some sort of social life, partly because some events occurred that took up a bunch of my time without really providing me with anything worthwhile to talk about, and partly because some events have occurred recently that are happily *still* taking up a bunch of my time and i choose not to go into detail about it other than to say that i'm immensely happy.

without further ado, here are the 10 most exciting/interesting things that have happened this year (and that i've previously written about) — (in chronological order, old to new):

1. The France Plan, part 1 — started talking about taking a trip to France early in the year, which eventually became a plan to go for my sisters wedding late in the year.

2. I wrote a story that eventually came to pass.

3. Put my task list up for a vote and released the first public Lucifigous Prick demo track. (which i apparently need to upload to the new server…)

4. I posted some pictures from my and brian's trip to romulus.

5. Spider-Man

6. went to visit nate.

7. Designed some flyers, started revving up for the first Lucifigous Prick show, and continued to make the same realizations about how i really needed to get off my ass and do something.

8. The number of my co-workers continues to dwindle ("Five!" … "Three sir." … "Three!")

9. Lucifigous Prick had our second show.

10. i finally made it to France for my sister's wedding.

and those are, unfortunately, the highlights. that's what i get for being a bum about posting on a regular basis. the majority of my posts are about the fact that i don't post often enough.

but, to stop putting a negative spin on things and reiterate what a great year this has been for anything other than posting to bipolar, the highlights are: Lucifigous Prick gets several shows under it's belt, I get to go to France (and for nothing less than my sister's wedding to a great guy), and i meet an awesome girl who makes me immeasurably happy. all-in-all, a great year to remember, and i think next year will be even better.

so, to all our friends, to all of you who've been reading for almost three years now, and to those of you who just stop by on occasion, have a safe & happy new year!

11 Responses to “stick a fork in it, this year is done:”

the puffin said:

i'd figure that obtaining a girlfriend would be the biggest thing to happen to you this year. or maybe i've totally missed the point of this post.


# January 2, 2003,

m@ said:

you'd figure correctly. but, i never really wrote a big post about it (one of those big events that "… occurred recently that are happily *still* taking up a bunch of my time and i choose not to go into detail about it other than to say that i'm immensly happy."), so i couldn't include it in the bipolar year-end wrap-up since i couldn't link to it.

also, when i wrote this post, i was under the mistaken impression that she preferred to not be talked about too much on a public forum. (which, it turns out that she doesn't mind being mentioned, especially when i mention how awesome she is, but she believes–like me–that some of the particular details aren't anyone's business but ours.)

so, the point of this post was to wrap up the year "as seen on bipolar", not necessarily the year as a whole.

the biggest event of 2002 for me, on or off bipolar, was, unquestionably, meeting and starting a relationship with sara.

# January 2, 2003,

the puffin said:


# January 2, 2003,

brian. said:

isn't it a bit weird that your girlfriend's name is the same as your sister's?


# January 4, 2003,

m@ said:

it was a little weird at first, but i've gotten to the point where i think of my girlfriend first when i hear her name, not my sister. (sorry sis!)

# January 5, 2003,

Nate said:

So wait, what does it mean when you make the post highlights, but not the "life" highlights? Does that make me a lowlight or is this like a Golden Globe? Could I buy another?

# January 10, 2003,

m@ said:

well, i've been able to see you on several occassions (thanks more to your being able to visit than mine), and i've visted you in bloomington on a few occasions…

i consider visiting you to be a highlight, but there were other highlights that were also "firsts" or "rarities", so they got more points on the highlight meter.

# January 13, 2003,

Nate said:

Yeah, cause your legs are broken. Oh wait, no that wasn't you. Oh yeah, your car isn't working. Nope… that's somebody else too. Ahh… you don't get every weekend off. No…

Hmm… why was it I'm more able to visit? Oh yeah… because I do. Ah… metaphysics.

# January 16, 2003,

Nate said:

p.s., lazy shit.

# January 16, 2003,

m@ said:


# January 16, 2003,

SARA said:

You don't think of me first?????

I love you. And if my kid gets named Matthew as I think it might, I'll think of it first too! So there!

No, kiddin'. Really happy for you.


# February 17, 2003,