2003.01.21 a few of my favorite things:

it's taken me nearly 30 years, but i've finally figured out a few of my favorite things. (i have a hard time limiting myself to just one favorite, so the fact that i've finally done this is a big deal for me.)

MovieAmelie from Montmartre : the first time i saw this movie, i fell immediately in love with the main character. i knew that i liked the movie a lot, but before i rented it and got to watch it again, i had settled on "So I Married an Axe Murderer" as my favorite movie. shortly after i finally decided on "So I…", i rented Amelie, and my recently picked favorite was quickly deposed.

AlbumMonkeywrenchClean as Broke Dick Dog : i've been saying for years that this is the greatest album of all time, largely tongue in cheek, but i finally realized that this album–of everything i own–is my absolute favorite. This first disc by some of the influential players from the Seattle "grunge" explosion, was an exploration of blues music as the roots of modern rock & roll, and particularly of grunge–the "Seattle sound."

RestaurantIrish Rover, Louisville, KY : I've long held the Irish Rover to be "one of" my favorite restaurants, but i've finally taken the plunge and singled it out as the numero uno of restaurants in my personal pantheon. In fact, as i was thinking this morning, and to pull out an inside joke from the old days… if Jesus were to give me a plate of fish & chips, he would've ordered it from the Irish Rover.

i've been trying to decide for several years on a favorite color, and it's either black or a dark purple… but then, i don't know if you can really *pick* black as a favorite color. it seems like it's one of those staples that you just aren't allowed to pick… i dunno.

those are the only favorites that i've managed to settle on (well, i've got my favorite girl now, but she knows who she is). just don't ask me for top ten lists, 'cause i don't work that way… i like too many things too much to narrow it down that far. that's why these favorites are such a big deal to me–it's a miracle i managed to figure them out at all.

in other non-news, there's a fun little discussion going on over at the new louisvilleshowcase.com where we started out talking about all the crappy emo rip-off bands, and moved on toward rip-off bands in general.

and yeah, still haven't got the last Paris entries up… i know you're just dyin for 'em.

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9 Responses to “a few of my favorite things:”

Javan said:

I must say, thank you for introducing me to The MonkeyWrench. And I do like that album.

Also, just for you, Jason wants to get in touch with you to begin working on Sara's website. In case you have lost his e-mail, here is the link: Jason's email.

Have a good week.

# January 21, 2003,

Nate said:

Watch some more movies… get some more music… and, by all means, get out more often to different places.

There's a whole world out there, and you seem to be missing it egregiously.

(the sentiment of this comment is much more heartfelt and much less biting than it might sound)

# January 22, 2003,

Javan said:

Yes! I beat you in my France Posts:)

# January 22, 2003,

Nate said:

Is it time yet for the bi-annual update?

# February 7, 2003,

m@ said:


# February 9, 2003,

Javan said:

Do you feel very small now (Brians' Comments)?

# February 10, 2003,

brad said:

Good job in not mentioning Bush in any of your recent posts, Matt. It's nice to see that one half of Bipolar is keeping the comments down the to usual less than ten.

I'd love to see how many comments you'd get if you simply posted "Bush is a Pussy."

# February 10, 2003,

Javan said:

why is Bush a pussy? (That is just to start it).

# February 14, 2003,

brian. said:

to help javan, i would point out that bush is in no way a pussy. stupid? yep. foolishly headstrong? definitely. flamingly homosexual? very possible…

# February 15, 2003,