2003.07.03 we don't want the loonies takin' over:

been a long time without an update, so i figured i should post one. the july 4th weekend is imminent, and i'll be working through the whole thing. and it doesn't look like the girlfriend will be coming home, either. sounds like a lot of fun, huh?

transmission3000 has been down all week. it's all stemming from a server upgrade gone horribly, horribly wrong. i'm a little pissed about it, since i was right in the middle of getting the site back up to full speed. there's nothing i can do about it, though, and the best case estimate is that it'll be back up by the end of the week. which would be…uh…tomorrow. i'm not holding my breath.

i will be launching a hot snakes set from 2000 as soon as the server is back online, though.

i've got a few new reviews up over at 75 or less. we've got the new turbonegro, the reissue of uncle tupelo's no depression and the swami records sampler.

i really wish billy's parents would stop breaking their computer so that i could stop having to fix it.

apparently i had a hand in someone at the bar losing their job. she was a horrible waitress and i'm actually kinda glad. she stole money from me, after all. i will not tolerate a thief. i'm not the only reason that she was let go. i wasn't even the straw that broke the camel's back. but i was involved, to an extent.

i fucking hate being at work…

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