2003.07.11 until mountains crumble to the sea:

transmission3000 is finally back up. it's been a long, slow crawl back but at least there's a new show up. i launched the hot snakes show the other day, which i was going to do over a week ago before the site went down. either way, the site is back up now, so everyone can go over there and enjoy the music and whatnot.

matt hooked me up with the gallery script he's been using, and i've slowly been going through my various image directories and applying it. you can find the two i've completed here. that's the main gallery index, which you can get to both individual galleries through. that matt is one badass codemonkey.

sorry for the lack of posts, as of late. the girlfriend has been in town, so i've had little time to monkey around on the internet, as you might be able to imagine. we did get out to have some pizza at za's the other night. matt and sara showed up and it was a damn fine evening. we then went out and bought lottery tickets, only to not win. hey…you can't win if you don't buy a ticket.

we've also been spending time out at a variety of drinking establishments, hanging out with the various friends that we don't see often enough. the girlfriend sees them even less often, since she's moved away.

so…yeah. very little internet time. sorry about that.

i haven't finished reading this week's comics, so i haven't had a chance to review them all. expect that over the weekend.

i guess i better get back to work, or something.

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