2003.07.15 we'll ride the bullet train to vegas :

i've added a set from drive like jehu to transmission3000 yesterday. it's from '94 and it doesn't sound half bad. thanks to sebastian for donating it.

speaking of donations, transmission3000 is in sad need of funds to upgrade the server and for more bandwidth. if you can donate, please do.

on to the "real world"…last night was a lot of fun. i ended up coming home from work early, only to have steve and billy show up at my house shortly thereafter. we all hung out and drank beer on the front porch for a while before heading down to the bar to close the place. brooksie labelled the night the beginning of his summer, so as you might imagine, everyone got pretty drunk. fun was had, chips and salsa was eaten, and hollow threats to beat up an asshole bartender were made. all in all a good night.

the girlfriend and i slept in today, as this was her last day in town for a while. she'll be back in a couple of weeks, but it always sucks when she leaves. i'm just glad i don't have to come into work until 4 now. it gave us a little longer to hang out, even if we were doing absolutely nothing.

yeah…i'm also in the middle of 8 straight work days. this happened because i switched my schedule up so i could have fridays and saturdays off. i would complain, but…i now have fridays and saturdays off. this will help a lot when august rolls around and i'll end up being out of town or busy every frickin' weekend. hell…at least it'll be something to do.

guess i better get back to doing what they pay me for…

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