2003.10.16 you've been shown over and over:

i know, i know…it's been a while. whatever. we stopped kidding ourselves about how often i was going to update this place a long time ago, didn't we? no? well get with the damn program.

anyhowways…i'm excited. they launched itunes for windows today. i fell in love with the program when i was using brooksie's computer all the time. i wish he'd upgrade to os x so we could sync up our playlists, though. just another factor to make me wish i had an ipod.

note to those that care…there is an ipod on my amazon wishlist. i'm just sayin'…

i've also found a plugin for winamp that will allow it to play aac files encoded by itunes.

as many of you may have already discovered, there's an awesome online game that's sprung up surrounding the release of the newest matrix movie. you can start out on the metacortex home page. if you're looking for more information on the game and what has been discovered so far, check out the aptly named the guide. happy hunting.

i narrowly avoided getting brained by a shower of hedge apples on the way into work. i was riding down the road with my moonroof open and then, all of a sudden about 5 feet in front of my car, about 40 of the suckers came dropping out of a tree up ahead, smashing to the ground. i stopped short and closed that moonroof right quick.

other than that…i bit the bullet and added google ads to transmission3000. we've got some pretty hefty service bills to pay (considering we did around 92 gigs of traffic last month and we're on pace to break that this month), so we can use all the help we can get. they're little text ads and you can find them under the right hand side bar on the main page as well as on the radio, info and links pages. the bands page remains ad free. as if there's anything important on those other pages, anyway. feel free to click them if anything being advertised catches your fancy (hint, hint). you can still donate to the transmission3000 server fund directly, as well.

and…that's about it, i think.

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