2004.07.23 he may be slow, but:

y'know, i really should have known about this for a long time, considering it's been kicking around in some form or another since apparently 1996-ish. i don't think i even realized that the "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game had been around since 1996, but then, the most of 1994 – 1999 is kind of a fuzzy memory at best. those were dark days. well, ok. 1996 – 1999 were dark days, 1994 – 1996 were actually kind of fun. if i miss any part of my past life, it's that part.

anyway, back to the subject at hand. a buddy at work was telling me that he used to hang with Roger Clinton back in the day, and then, somehow almost randomly (as is our wont) we wondered what his "Bacon number" was. that's when my co-worker mentioned the Oracle of Bacon and i just looked at him in bewilderment…

it was one of those moments where you just sit there and think to your self:
"of course there's an online site that has a database on which you can run '6 degrees of kevin bacon' queries… so, if it's so obvious, why had the thought never even occurred to me before now?"

of course, now i know i've a Bacon number of 4, which probably isn't that impressive (2 for Roger Clinton, 3 for my co-worker, making me 4), but now i'm also trying to think of whether i know any actors personally or not…


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brian. said:

Wow. I'm a 5!

Actually…I'm a 3. I've hung out with Trent Reznor:

The Oracle says: Trent Reznor has a Bacon number of 2.

Trent Reznor was in Light of Day (1987) with Michael Rooker
Michael Rooker was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon

# July 23, 2004,

m@ said:

and my sweetie's a three, as she either went to school with or lived in the same neighborhood as Maggie Lawson, who's a 2 via William H. Macy!

of course, that means i'm still just a 4.

# July 24, 2004,

ben said:

Well, you know Tom Puckett was childhood friends of a one Tom Cruise (Bacon number of 1, A Few Good Men). So does that make the whole of Corvus a Bacon number of 3?

# July 26, 2004,

m@ said:

ha! you're absolutely right! i thought i had a vague memory of someone who was closer. so, we're threes, via Tom thru lil' Tommy Mapother.


someone tell me to lay off the coffee!

# July 26, 2004,

brian. said:

Crap. There goes my Bacon Superiority.

# July 26, 2004,

Sara said:

I thought that Bacon himself was one, which would leave the Corvus crew still at four. But maybe I'm wrong??? I, however, am a three, if the #2 does not have to be an actor, but an actual person who hung with Bacon. Which still leaves Matthew as a 4, but has me kicking Brian's butt. Which butt, by the way, I haven't seen in a long time. Oh— that's bum for all you kiwis and rosbifs.

…. or, I'm a two, if the person who has hung with Kevin Bacon gets to be a number one. Hey — who's the coolest of the cool?????

By the way ladies and gentlemen, I'm a one (or a two, depending) with a famous actress. I'm going to work for her this afternoon. Can we say wow!!! Unfortunately it's not Audrey Tautou, but this lovely lady has been in many, many more films than Audrey Tautou and was a main character in one of the most famous films of all time. Think 30s people. I'll give you two guesses considering that most of the others are unfortunately no longer with us. But I'll only tell my brother in person because I couldn't possibly deal with people bugging him to bug me to bug her for autographs and such. Poor lady does enough of that already!

Kisses to all.


# July 30, 2004,