2006.01.31 i am not in love:

yeah…i spent the last part of the weekend in ohio, helping someone move out and back to the motherland. as often happens in this world, timetables got fucked up and i didn't make it home in time for band practice, so we had to reschedule for tonight. i got a steak dinner out of the deal, so it's not all bad, right?

oh…wait…i also had a huge allergy attack which has left me with a sore throat/possible sinus infection this morning. great parting gift, ohio. fuck you, too.

friday started with a bang: i lost my job. i spent the rest of the night getting shithammered with mark and brooks. you know…"boys night out" or some shit.

anyone have any job openings for a newly employed sorta-graphic designer-slash-general computer monkey? i also have experience in the music journalism/criticism field and i've been known to snap a few pictures every now and then.

saturday evening was the wolverine brass/black cross show, which was really good. i snapped some photos with the cameraphone and they're now up in both of the galleries linked above.

and a few minutes ago, i accidentally stuck my finger in my eye. i tell you what…this month has been the shittiest i can fucking remember, and it just won't go quietly. i'm almost afraid to leave the damn house.

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Mike Typewriter said:

I know what you mean. January has been so fucking shitty. I got a new rebound girlfriend, went into the hospital for insane tonsilitis, got broken up with, found out I have a thyroid condition, had creditors calling me 3 times a day, interviewed and wasn't called back by several jobs, got offered one I couldn't take, lost my voice, got shit in my eye which then infected, came down with some sort of throat ailment that makes me virtually unable to swallow.

luckily i didn't have a job that I could lose, cos that woulda prolly happened. And I've been able to keep my fingers out of my eye.

# February 1, 2006,

brian. said:

Oh, yeah…the finger in the eye was just the icing on the cake.

# February 1, 2006,