2006.02.04 stone leaves:

man…somethings i just don't understand. try as i might, i just don't get it. one of those things: spam email and, relatedly, spam comments on blogs. i mean…honestly. how many people actually even read that shit? in the entire history of spam, they've sold, what, one order of viagra? who cheks their email and says "well, shit! i was really wondering where i could get some cheap viagra and find out how to make my penis larger…now i know!"

i know i'm stooping to a blog low by bitching about spam and whatnot, but i just deleted 45 comments, all full of the shit. pain in my ass, i tell you.

saw vrktm play with their new line-up, last night. the new drummer seemed to cut the mustard, but it's hard to measure up to their original drummer, tony bailey. the man is a titan.

after that it was out to the bar and to the process of destroying certain parts of my brain. i believe, last night, i damaged my ability to spell. if only you knew how many times i've had to correct shit in just this post…

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4 Responses to “stone leaves:”

Twisted Noggin said:

On Blogger accounts you can just activate the Word Verification option and that cuts out most, if not all, of the spam junk.

What amazes me is that SOMEONE must be following those spam links, or people wouldn't keep using them. Just like the telemarketers. Some idiots out there are responding favorably to those jerks and perpetuating the problem. Who are those people, and why am I not allowed to pummel them with rotten eggs?

# February 8, 2006,

brian. said:

We're using Movable Type, so I don't know what we can do to stop it. That ball is in Matt's court.

# February 8, 2006,

m@ said:

yeah, unfortunately, we're using an ass-old copy of MovableType, pre stupid non-free licensing policy. We have MT-Blacklist plugin installed, but since MT itself is so old, I can't upgrade the plugin, and the plugin doesn't want to talk to the upgraded Perl modules. So, I'm actually in the process (slowly, as is my wont) of moving bipolar over to WordPress. I have it installed in a testing location, but haven't had a chance to convert our precious bipolar templates yet. It is a task that fills me with no small amount of dread. Hopefully, once we get converted, WP plugins can take care of our comment spam problem again.

# February 12, 2006,

Javan said:

wow. that's all I'll say. Wow. Talk irony.

# February 15, 2006,