2006.02.26 can't you see what you have brought here?:

fuck. my life has been an absolute wreck for about a month now. at some points, i've actually reveled in it, which is probably the wrong way to go about things.

so let's run down a list of the bullshit, shall we?

* i'm still unemployed. this one actually isn't as bad as it seems, as i'll soon be drawing unemployment until a pending design job materializes. until then, i'm rather broke, but shit happens. no big deal.

* the ex is having a tough time and we're not talking. the last time we had an actual talk, i was less than nice. we're doing the mature thing and trying to maintain a friendship, but it seems to be an uphill battle for both of us.

* i got pulled over and got another ticket, last night. my traffic woes are beating down on me, conspiring to never allow me to drive a car again. for the record, it was a really minor ticket that i can clear up immediately, it's just bullshit. i hate getting pulled over.

* i've been drinking way too much. then again, i'm making it home safely every night and i'm really not suffering any hangovers, so i guess i'm not drinking as heavily as i seem to think i am. still…geting absolutely shithammered three times a week might be a bit excessive.

* girls, man…they're always giving me the business. if it's not one, it's another.

on the upside, the new record by the sword is totally kicking my ass. a blistering slab of stoner rock like i haven't heard in a while. sorry for the myspace link, but they're site doesn't actually seem to be up yet.

i worked up this little thing, using an open source flash player (click the title bar to get it to play). i've embedded it into my myspace profile, just as a place to stick it, for right now. i plan on doing a monthly 10 song mix, trying to get back to a semblance of the old mailed out mixes i did when i worked at kinko's (02.2002 & 03.2002). matt and i plan on getting those working over here, in some capacity, so keep your eyes peeled. we also have some other goofy stuff that we were talking about, the other day. hopefully it pans out.

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