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2002.05.02 two words. :


well, really, i guess that's one word with the hyphen thing there, but technically, it's two, so… nyah.

about the Spider-Man movie let me just say this:

I was the first mother-fucker in line for spider-man in this entire city!

ok, sure, perhaps i wasn't the first person in line in the nation… i certainly wasn't the first person to get to see it since the big premiere was Tuesday night (and certainly a select few others had gotten to see it before that), but i claim bragging rights to being the first person in line for the first showing in my city. i think that says something about me.

what that is… i'm not exactly sure.

could be:
A. I'm an extraordinarily huge geek
B. I've got so much time on my hands that i can throw it away waiting in line for an hour & a half
C. I give too much importance to insignificant facts

people, the Spider-Man movie rocks. go see it.

to compare it to the reigning champion superhero movie, X-Men, i'd have to say that there are certainly some things spidey did better. and as i've explained to others, i think the reason the X-Men movie still ranks #1 with me is probably because it was a much darker movie. spidey's plot was much more subtle than the X-Men's Magneto plot. basically, it's a different type of movie.
which is not to say that spider-man wasn't action packed, in fact, i'd say spidey had more action than the X-Men movie as well as really well-done fight sequences (though it's hard to compete with Wolvie & Mystique mano y mano).
one really positive thing was that of all of those things that i was terribly afraid they'd mangle or mishandle, they really didn't do any of it. they handled everything really well, even the many changes they made to the "classic" spider-man origin, powers, and history.

in fact, here's a list:

things i didn't like:
  dialogue was a bit too melodramatic at points
    (GG's dialogue doesn't count, as paul pointed out)
  kirsten dunst as mary jane watson
    she did really well in the role… gave an excellent performance, but she's just not mary jane

things i didn't like but grew to accept before the movie was over:
  Green Goblin's outfit (mainly the mask)

things i liked:
  every other aspect of the movie

gad. it's not showing tonight, is it? no? … damn.

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2002.05.01 really geeky wednesday:

damn Diamond Comics Distributors. damn them i say! they're always screwing things up.

i actually decided to go pick up my comics today on lunch instead of after work as i normally do (for reasons you'll see in a moment), and after busting my ass and risking my neck (car trouble, long story) i get down there and the guy sorting out the new releases for the holds customers is like "sorry dude, Diamond fucked us today… we only got half our shipment." so here i am, having taken time to run down there to get my books on "geeky wednesday", and now i've just gotta go back tomorrow or Friday to pick up the rest of them. it wouldn't be so bad if Diamond wasn't the only comic distributor around, then I wouldn't have to deal with so much of this shit (because my comics shop would already be getting their books from a better distributor).

anyway, so the reason i had to go pick my books up on lunch is because… (drumroll please)… my roommate brax got paul & myself a free pass to see a sneak preview of the spider-man movie tonight! needless to say, i'm extremely excited. (but i'll try to refrain in the following days from posting about anything that might spoil the movie for ya.)

oh, and i think i've narrowed things down on the car shopping front to either a Honda Civic or a Nissan Sentra. i plan to go by one of the local dealers on my way home tomorrow to talk to a sales rep and maybe do a test drive. we'll see. i still haven't really made up my mind whether i'm just going to buy a new car, or fix the current one and keep it for another year… but that decision will have to be made soon.

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2001.11.06 run of the mill:

brax & i finally went to see mulholland drive last night. it's pretty much what you'd expect from david lynch, and then some. amazingly enough the movie flowed pretty damned well up until the last 15 – 20 minutes. after that, it was mind-fuck time.

i think for pretty much the next hour after we got out of the movie, about all i could say was "dude…."

needless to say, if you like lynch, go see it. now. leave work. tell your boss you left your child in the stove at home. anything. go see this movie.

if, on the other hand, you don't like lynch or don't think you like lynch, please go find the nearest electric utility company work crew with a tree branch shredder, walk calmly up to it, and stick your hand in as far as you can. if you arrive at the location in the proper mindset (namely, wondering what the fuck i'm talking about) and subject yourself to this carnage, you'll be a step closer to understanding and appreciating the truly unbalanced mind of david lynch.

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2001.11.01 it was a scream:

to finally conclude the bloomington story series here on bipolar, i invite you to join me on a trip back in time… imagine it's a mere four days ago, a saturday, and you've been having a great time so far all weekend. you're at a party, and since it is halloween there are many strange things happening. stay with me as we imagine that throughout this night, many beers have been consumed by these freakish apparitions who have in fact grown ever more freakish as the night progressed. now, imagine that one of these strange creatures is dressed as Space Ghost, while his companion is dressed as blossom the power puff girl… strange strange. late in the night, as you unsuspectingly enter a room, you are forced to witness this horrible scene

for those of you who didn't scream at the sight of that, you have more resolve than i.

(sorry nate, couldn't resist throwing that little gem in there for the world to see!)

and please, forgive the strange, probably half-assed "b" horror movie/twilight zone feel of that first bit… it is halloween, after all.

in other news, i had to rush to the bookstore straight from work tonight in order to catch the inimitable Bruce Campbell at a speaking/signing event for his new book "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a "B" Movie Actor." it was a pretty good event, though horribly crowded since they held it in the bardstown road Hawley-Cooke–a tiny little store unsuitable for such a well-known (well, well known for a self-proclaimed "b-list" actor) personality. Bruce started out with a brief chat, and threw out some one-liners and current-events jokes to liven up the crowd ( i have to assume). one thing's for certain, Bruce Campbell is a ham. 90% of his responses to questions were sarcastic half-answers, and he tended to interrupt the questioners often enough for me to take notice. he did stay up there for a good amount of time answering the questions, and was fairly witty the whole time.

after the Q&A session the line up for the autograph table was organized. being in the third group called (i think there were around 11 groups, total), it took us probably about an hour to an hour and a half to get up to the table. the autograph table was set up in a little cordoned off section of the store, and the fans were let into the section one at a time. there were actually chairs sitting to Bruce's right where you could (were expected to) sit as he signed your book(s). the lady who would walk you to the table asked you your name before you went up so she could tell Bruce so he could greet you by name. "very… fancy." (read that in a Sean Connery voice to get the intended effect.)

of course, since i used to work at Hawley-Cooke as their webmaster (their current site is NOT MY FAULT. i swear. i haven't had anything to do with it in over a year!!!), and i knew the name lady from my tenure there, she introduced me as "matthew the webmaster." boy did that spark some interesting conversation from old brucie, neh. "the webmaster, eh? master of the web?" … it's nice to see that even he in that high-pressure situation where you're talking to a few hundred different people in the space of a couple hours and are expected to be witty… was not. to bruce's credit though, he did know enough about the internet development world to infer the word "design," and to work it into the comment he wrote with his signature.

all in all, it was an enjoyable time. luckily, a friend we met there had a camera, and allowed us to use it to take pictures. perhaps when i get a copy i'll link it in (as i seem fond of doing lately… oh, if only i had my own digital camera…). and, joy of joys, the one night when it counted, our local UPN station decided to air the first UofL basketball exhibition game, and in so doing, to delay Enterprise by the length of the game. of course, if they ever do it again, i'll be pissed.

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2001.10.21 low-key, way to be:

my weekend so far has been surprisingly eventfully non-eventful. on thursday (technically not the weekend, i suppose) paul, brax, & i went to the wonderful if somewhat uncomfortable baxter avenue theatre to see "apocalypse now: redux." having only seen the original maybe once before, many many years ago, it was like seeing it for the first time. i've gotta say that movie is very long. most of my friends don't agree with me that they could have cut probably at least 30 minutes (aside from the 40 minutes of added "redux" footage) from the movie. i just feel that there were several places in the movie that could have been made quite a bit more succinct and which probably would have increased the emotional/psychological impact of the film as a whole. i liked it, don't get me wrong. i just think i could have liked it more.

friday i finally got to hang out with brian some, as planned. we went and did a little bit of the coffeeshop hopping that we had planned, but brian didn't seem to be quite as into it as when we'd discussed it earlier. we mainly walked up and down bardstown road for a while. we did run into the infamous MC Seth-yo (of the much appreciated wraith computer systems, our benevolent site hosts) at one of our stops, but i didn't get to speak to him much as the barristas inside took about 30 minutes to deal with the two customers in front of me. ah well.

after grabbing some grub, brian and i went back to chill and digest at my place, where we ran into paul and (brian's roomie, my former roomie) jess. jess begged and pleaded with me to go with her and paul to see the 10:'ish showing of "from hell," but i bowed out because i'd promised to hang with brian (and he was planning to go to a later showing with some other friends). well, as it turned out, the later showing didn't actually exist, so we tried to call guy & scott and see if they wanted to go to the 10 o'clock. unable to get hold of them, we jumped in the car and raced to the baxter to meet up with jess & paul. after finding them (actually, we beat them there) we settled in.

i thought the movie was great. really quite good. well acted, well directed. good visuals. gruesome in all the right places. paul wasn't as impressed with it, ostensibly because he "already knew the story." ah well. you can't please everyone. which is, i'm sure, what he'd say regarding my opinions on "star wars episode 1: the phantom menace."

saturday found me sleeping in after a longish night of carousing at the backdoor (where we met an old friend from back in the murray days, alan who's finally graduated with a double major and is planning on going for his doctorate… who'da thunk it?!). i think i finally got up around 6:00 pm, not having gone to bed until about 6:00 am. shortly after getting up, brian called and we ran out to fazoli's to get some grub. met up with guy there, went to the unfortunately closed compusa, then to target, then home. after that, the night was entirely low-key, sitting around, watching paul's new "phantom menace" dvd, which, unfortunately didn't increase my appreciation for the movie at all.

today… another low-key day. went to BK for lunch, probably going out with jess in a little bit for ice cream, then later, the sunday band practice.

i'd have to say, it's actually been a pretty eventful, fun-filled weekend. still haven't gotten shit done, but that's the way it goes.

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2001.08.22 when is a diner not a diner?

so, like paul mentioned over on puffin-a-go-go a post or two ago, he, brax and i went to see a sneak preview (much like brian did monday night…) of "jay & silent bob strike back," double-billed with "the others." it was altogether a great four hour block of movie watching.

i'd have to say that J&SBSB isn't my favorite of the view askew movies, and at this point (prior to a second viewing) it actually comes in third. nah, wait. i don't want to commit to that, i'll have to watch the other contenders again before i can say that. i'm pretty certain that my favorite of all of them is "chasing amy," which, if you take into account my predilection for falling in love with bi-sexual (or even straight-up lesbian) girls, isn't all that surprising. and i've just got this huge thing for Joey Lauren Adams…. boy oh boy. she's incredibly cute, and her voice (which seems to turn many men off after extended exposure) just adds an extra touch of uniqueness and enhances her overall cuteness in my eyes. joey, if you're reading this, i'm a really great guy… call me!

anyway, back to reality. i liked the movie overall (we're back to j&sbsb now, for those of you trying to keep track). there were some places where they went a bit overboard with the going overboard, and a few places where the comedic bits seemed a bit forced. will ferrell was awesome, as usual, but then, so was everyone else. hm. i don't know what else to say, other than that. i'm at a loss… how 'bout this: "it was good."

the others was also quite good. i'd pretty much figured out what was going on (or going to happen) before the midway point i guess (not in the first five minutes, like paul claims…), and was actually able to allow myself be taken by the story. it was told well enough that it did make me doubt the conclusion i'd reached, and i happily followed the director down the path he wished the audience to go. don't worry though, whether you figure it out or not, you'll enjoy it. i didn't really think it was all that "scary," but there were a few pulse pounding seconds here and there. i do believe that at one point, the entire audience hopped about four inches out of their seats…

earlier that evening, after running to pick up brax from work in the general area of the theatre, and having to rush home to get his glasses (pretty much all the way across town, mind you) and still needing to stop for dinner before the films, we decided to stop at a new place called the "blue moon diner." we figured "hey, it's a diner. and not only that, it's a new diner we've never been to." we thought we'd be able to run into this little place, grab a quick cheap meal, and get to the theatre in plenty of time. a word of warning: the blue moon "diner" is not really a diner at all, it only looks like one. this place was fancy, or certainly fancier than we'd expected. they had cloth napkins! what the hell business do cloth napkins have being in a "diner"? the food was a bit expensive, but really really tasty. and, of course, the service was a bit slower than we'd hoped for, but we did still make it to the theatre on time. i think we definitely want to go back there at some point, so that we can appreciate it for what it really is… a restaurant.

blah. well, i was hoping all that stuff would be better than it seems to have come out, but hey, at least i posted, right?

it's late. i know i've said this a hundred times, and i'll probably say it a hundred more, but i have GOT to start getting to bed at a decent hour.

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2001.08.12 the swing of things:

i'll get off this subject eventually, but i had to include this little tidbit that was kindly sent to us by a reader
(Matt, i'd put a link if you'd included one in your email!)

breakdown of traffic for bipolar as reported by dbwired:

8096603999183.840 MegaBytes
1012075499897.980 Megabits
66327379961314000.000 Kilobits
67919237080385600000.000 Bits
26203409367432.700 Bits / second avg.
13010630271.814 Kilobits /s avg.
12705693.625 Megabits /s avg.
12407.904 Gigabits /s avg.
12.117 Terabits /s avg.

as brian pointed out, if you haven't yet read the whole story of the treatment we received from dbwired, you can read it here. (and for you bloggers who like to keep your links correct, you can use that new link, and we'll try to keep the page up as long as we are.)

we went to the palace theatre today to watch psycho. it's the first time i've been to the palace, and i was really just amazed at how beautiful the place was. i felt like i was walking into a painting. and then, there were the areas where the walls were recessed and glowing a pleasant soft blue. it was really breathtaking. brax was suggesting earlier that we need to buy that place so we can live there, and i now am in full agreement. anybody loan me a half-million dollars?

now that bipolar's back, and since it's been down for almost a month, i'm going to try to take that as the break i had apparently needed (since i wasn't posting on a very frequent basis) and actually, as the title of this post suggests, get back into the swing of things. hopefully, we'll come back even better than before. thanks for sticking out the long wait.

oh, and the themes page seems to be broken at the moment, it doesn't quite want to set the cookie. hopefully i'll get a chance to fix that in the next few days.

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2001.07.19 decompression time:

it's been a very busy few weeks at work with a few big projects landing on my desk, or threatening to land on my desk simultaneously. in fact, i went the entire workday today not logged onto AIM or jabber, not chatting with friends, as i am prone to doing throughout the day. i've developed this bad habit where i come into work and take the first hour or so catching up on news sites, or getting sucked into really involved IM conversations with paul and nathan. my work ethic has seriously suffered from these several months (since around February) with very little to do while at work.

right now, i'm actually having trouble trying to remember all the things that have gone on in my life recently. it seems like i've just been going pretty steadily since my last post. we've had several band practices (we're actually managing to get together not just once, but twice a week now!), several nights spent drinking at bars and hanging out with friends.

i actually had enough presence of mind to write last-minute emails to some friends of ours that we'd sort-of lost contact with, and they ended up hanging out with us over the weekend at the big 30th birthday party we threw for brax. so, it was really cool to get to hang out with our friends again, and it really helped to elevate the birthday party above our usual run-of-the-mill cookout get-togethers we've been having infrequently. and, of course, it also helped that payday fell on that week just before the big party weekend, so i could afford to have as good a time as i could handle.

and my sister ended up swinging through town on her way to language camp in (or near) minneapolis. so we were able to have lunch together before she went off to spend a couple months with a bunch of american kids speaking bad french.

oh, and another fun thing was going to see Final Fantasy on Friday night when wug came up. the movie really was pretty good, if you (as paul mentioned) can deal with the cliche'd plot, story, and characterization. but really, the animation was amazing. i mean, it's still obvious that it's computer generated, so flesh and blood actors needn't be afraid quite yet. in fact, probably the best part of the whole movie was getting to see the spider-man teaser on the big screen. i tell you, that helicopter scene just sends shivers of joy up my spine everytime i see it. the shots of spidey swinging through the city still look a bit too CGI, but i think that the effects in the movie are going to be excellent. now, cross your fingers and hope for a decently written story.

well, i think that's done me in for tonight. i'm looking forward to taking a half-day tomorrow, and taking monday off, making this a nice extended weekend. hopefully i'll be able to motivate myself and get some stuff done. wish me luck.

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2001.07.06 consternation:

well. i never did manage to write anything about that dream that i had… or anything else for that matter. another week has slipped by with me, once again, thinking about writing a post every day, but never quite managing to pull up blogger and actually do it. and what a strange week it's been as well. right now it's friday night, but it feels like a tuesday or thursday except that my belly is full of Denny's and there's a bag full of comics sitting on my bed in my room downstairs, so it kind of feels like a wednesday too. i'm just all messed up. the past couple of days have been fairly depressing.

now, don't get me wrong, first off my sister did come into town (from FRANCE, no less) and spent the first few days of her American vacation here at the house. i love my sister to death, and i'm really glad that i got to see her. unfortunately, visiting with her was probably the happiest part of the past few days. we all had a grand time hanging out on Tuesday night; me, my sis, paul, brax, and mr. norman (not sure how he feels about us using his name on these blog things, so i'll just leave it at that). we all sat around (as described in paul's blog) and played a game of drunken trivial pursuit until the attack of the evil succubus. after that, the party kind of devolved into bitching, whining, pissing, moaning, laughing, chatting, and generally haphazardly carrying on. of course, brax and his cancerous growth were arguing on the front porch (which is my only smoking area) so i had to interrupt them and then walk around the block while i smoked. nothing like not being able to enjoy your only refuge to really twist your spine.

then, of course, came the 4th of july. big plans for a big party with a bunch of our friends, some good food, drinks galore, and fireworks spectacularrr. so i got up around noonish figured i'd have a lazy kind of day until around 3 or 4, y'know, relax and enjoy my day off, which i did. of course, this entire time, brax is locked in his room having his soul ripped away. around 4 my sis started complaining about being terribly hungry, but i was hoping she could hold off until we got the grill fired up at jim's house around 6. i mentioned to paul (who'd already gone out and gotten some grub himself) that we should probably start gathering up the troops for the trip to jim's. his response was that it was "too late." so, seeing my big plans effectively dashed against the rocks by brax's disappearance and paul's bad mood (we could have done the cookout without brax, and perhaps that would have served to point out the stupidity he was subjecting himself to…), i got dressed and my sis and i went out for dinner. we didn't get to go to several of our first choice restaurants because they were closed for the 4th, but finally settled in at Mark's Feed Store for some good Barbecue. after getting back home i called up jim to tell him about the failure of my plans, and to suggest we might have a more intimate little gathering to watch movies or something. i also tried to call my former roommate jess to be sure she was aware of what was(n't) going on, but didn't actually get to talk to her. a few hours later, jim called back and said that she and her beau were already over there. i woke my sis from her food and jet-lag induced slumber, grabbed some movies, and hit the door. we stopped at the grocery and picked up some ice cream, then got to jim's.

after we got there, we chit-chatted with jim, jess, and john, the polite conversation eventually turning into an enjoyably heated discussion about stereotypes, homosexuality, religion and religious fundamentalists, theology, and philosophy. lori (jim's wife) got home and jess and john left shortly thereafter to go to another friend's party. so the four of us hung out and chatted a bit longer before settling on "Heathers" and plopping ourselves in the living room to watch it. after the movie we just came home and called it a night. not quite the fun, enjoyable time i'd been looking forward to, but at least it wasn't a total bust. at least i was still able to get sara out to socialize a little bit. the day had pretty much pissed me off, because my sister had decided to spend her time with me on the 4th of july rather than with her friends who were also planning (and probably actually did) some exciting things for the holiday. i'm glad i got to see her and hang out with her, but i think she'd have had a better time with her friends.

and of course, the other reason i was in an ill mood wednesday and thursday, is the conversation that my father & i had had on the phone on wednesday. i know i've talked about it before, but a bad familial relationship isn't something you can just sweep under the rug and forget about, it just keeps coming up, each and every time you interact with that person. as i said, i've already talked about it in this forum, so i'll not drown you with the details. if you're a glutton for this type of thing, you can freely search through the archives for it. but i did eventually take off from work an hour early on thursday so i could be home when dad got there to see him and so i could tell my sis bye. hanging out with my dad was worse than the phone conversation. we hung out, we talked, he made jokes, i made jokes, but when he left i was just completely depressed. i almost just shut myself in my room to read a book, but instead i immersed myself in a game of bridgebuilder.

anyway, i'm not so depressed today, it's actually been a decent day. i'm a little tired. i'm very broke. i'm going out for a smoke.

2001.01.23 geeked out:

well, not much going on 'round here the past few days. did have a good time dragging paul around for his birthday celebration on Saturday, taking him to the Irish Rover (twice in one week for me, but i'm not complaining in the least), then to a really really crappy movie (antitrust). after the movie we went to one of our local semi-frequent haunts, the mag bar, but unfortunately paul wasn't feeling too well and we decided to call it a night early.

sunday was a pretty low-key day, paul and brax and i went to see traffic, which was (thankfully) a really good movie. didn't do much beyond that, as i said, it was a pretty low-key night.

i am extremely excited though, and i'm on the verge of just completely and totally geeking out, probably tomorrow or thursday. finally, after wanting one for almost 8 years now, i've purchased an Amiga 1200. so, after retiring my old trusty Amiga 500 a couple years ago, and being forced to use substandard, outdated Windows machines since, i'll finally have a useable Amiga computer on my desk. i realize probably no one could give a shit, but hey, for me, it's fucking exciting.

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