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2005.07.01 everybody's working for the weekend:

just a couple of things i felt the need to point out:

first…batman begins was fucking awesome. it was so goddamn awesome i saw it twice in the same fucking day. best superhero movie ever, without a doubt. it kicked my ass up and down the street and then told me to shut the fuck up and pay up again to enjoy another beating.

second…war of the worlds was pretty damn alright. spielberg knows how to lay down the sickass alien explodo, that's for sure. but man…does he lay some stinky shit-egg endings. i'm not talking about the classic war of the worlds ending. i'm talking about the feel good spielbergian addition. screw a bunch of that shit.

thirdly (making this more than a "couple," i guess)…breather resist's album is amazing. buy it. listen to it. love it.

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2005.06.29 fever dog:

jesus f. christ. it's been a while, hasn't it? i should run down all the wacky things that happened in the intervening months, i guess. i'll just write about them as they hit me…

matt got married. i had a good time at his wedding. i never have a problem when there's an open bar, of course. the meat skewers were delicious. i'm glad to see that matt has finally tracked down and caught him some happiness.

my cousin steve is getting married, this weekend. they're having the wedding at the planetarium, so that should be neat.

L&N broke up. relationships were strained during a period of inactivity, so we called it quits. brooksie and i have started work on a new band. no name, as of yet, but i'll keep everyone posted.

i finally broke down and got a cellphone. i fought the good fight for as long as i could before succumbing to the dark side. i went whole hog and got a cameraphone. i started a little gallery of all the photos i've taken with the phone. i was doing it daily, but i've kinda slacked off over the past couple of weeks. mainly because it really isn't good for night shooting and that seems to be the only time i'm ever out and about. either way, check it out.

i also started a flickr account. i figured it'd be something different to mess around with. you can check out the photos i've posted there and comment on them and whatnot.

i'm a fan of konfabulator. i'm a sucker for little gadgets and whatnot, i guess.

okay, then. that was the capsule version of the past couple of months. i'll try to be more regular with this business, lest this site wither up and die.

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2005.04.04 it's just that demon life has got you in its sway:

it's been a couple of months, so i figure i should probably post something. yes, javan, i'm still alive.

so what's been goin' on? we had those web host issues, which have been resolved. i've had health issues, which seem to be fine now. i'm working on a nervous breakdown because i hate my fucking job so much it's killing me. yep. time to find something new. i dropped by a possible job to see if they still had a position they wanted to fill. the guy said he thinks he does and he'll get ahold of me. hopefully that works out.

i'd like to dedicate this entire week to my friend robbie. we had a solid "neverender" going all weekend, capped off by robbie saying on saturday night "let's go to the beach." i was down, but after the bar we were at closed, we didn't immediately meet up. by the time some other friends and i had gotten to where he was hanging, he was already gone, on his way to the beach. he made it down to gulf shores, alabama by mid-afternoon yesterday and gave me a call. he should be back by now. that crazy bastard…i can't believe he went without me.

we played a show last friday. it was fun.

other than that…my life is pretty uninteresting.

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2005.02.07 got your phone number, baby:

it looks like matt picked up my slack for while i was flying under the radar to the rest of the world. i've spent a lot of time at home and really i've just been parked in front of the tv, watching cable and playing halo 2. oddly enough, i haven't gotten much beter at halo 2, nor have i gained any weight. the world is a strange place, sometimes.

speaking of tv, everyone should head over to tvtorrents (it's back!) and download the american dad pilot. it's by the creator of the family guy, and it's a real hoot.

and i'll be damned if the venture brothers isn't the funniest show on tv. period. but i guess that's just my own damn opinion.

the new low record is really good. and it looks like they redesigned their website. nice.

L&N has a big show coming up on feb. 25th. we'll be playing with ten to midnight and your highness (ex-christiansen). the show should be huge, as it'a a big birthday party for our drummer and the drummer for your highness.

hopefully i'll be able to post again before next month…

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2005.01.12 i hate it cause it?s true:

wow. i've somehow avoided posting for a good long few weeks, huh? guess i should rectify that, though i don't have anything in particular to post about.

my friend mike and his lady just had their bouncing baby boy, miles. he's a cute one.

my friend pete decided to start himself up a blog, which makes me laugh.

the snow has all melted, due to the incredibly warm weather we've been having (between 65-70 degrees) for the past couple of weeks. the snow, of course, has now been replaced with flooding. ahh…gotta love the end times.

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2004.12.28 sanitarium, leave me be:

as mentioned yesterday, i spent a good deal of time wandering around glen friedman's site, following links hither and yon. well, while doing that, i ran across info on the west memphis three. here's a post i made about it elsewhere:

So I was wandering about the internet today and ended up doing a great deal of reading about "The West Memphis Three," which is a group of teenagers that were convicted of murder in 1993-94 with little-to-no evidence. The prosecution trotted out the fact that the main suspect had dark hair, liked heavy metal music and was interested in the occult. That's pretty much all they had on the guy.

It's an incredibly interesting (if not tragic) case. It really seems like these guys were completely devoured by the American legal system. I highly recommend you take a look at the site and read through some of the information they have there. Margaret Cho even went out to visit all three of the guys in prison. You can find the story here (with a link to a lengthy post from her blog).

That said, I discovered that the main suspect (who is currently on death row) has an Amazon wish list, which is chock full of comics, including pretty much all of the Hellblazer trades. If you're interested in the case and want to do something, consider sending Damien one of those Hellblazer trades.

You can see the wish lists of the other two here:

I encourage you to take a look at the site and make up your own mind.


my biggest regret is that i didn't find out about this before christmas, so that these guys could get some nice christmas surprises. i guess late christmas gifts are better than nothing.

thanks for paying attention.

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2004.12.27 our skin worn thin:

so…merry monday after christmas. i hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday. or a dangerous one that you were able to live through unscathed. whichever works for you. it snowed like crazy down around these parts (ben took pictures), so i didn't even dig my car out until christmas eve, at which point brooksie and i helped each other with the monumental task.

after all that work, i drove out to owensboro to spend the holiday with the girl and her family. the roads were horrible. it took me two hours to get to e-town, which is only a 30 mile drive. nothing like driving 15 mph on the interstate, bumper to bumper. good times. but the fun didn't really start until i got off of i-65 and onto the western kentucky parkway. from there until owensboro…solid sheet of ice. ahhh…the joy of it all.

but the girl got me america (the book). so it was all completely worth it. i love that daily show. love it.

stumbled upon this awesome article while reading through some glen friedman links to pass on to a friend here at work. photos by friedman, words by ian sevonius of the late, great make-up.

penny arcade ran a pretty funny christmas story starring everyone's favorite elder god, cthulhu.

with that, i'm gonna get back to work…

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2004.12.21 killer for hire you know not yourself:

th girl came home, last night. we spent almost an entire 12 hours together before she left to head out to owensboro, this morning. i'll be heading out there on friday, m'self. ahhh…the holidays. the hustle, the bustle, the shoving, the road rage…it's enough to make you want to kill yourself…or someone else.

i still have some shopping to do on thursday. i'm not really looking forward to it, but i guess i'll make do. as always, i'm running this one down to the wire and i have no one to blame but myself.

but i will find a way to blame someone else before the week is out…just you wait and see.

i saw this today and found it quite alarming. my grandmother uses aleve on an almost daily basis. i'll be advising her to stop using it right away.

i saw this today and found it quite amusing. like wesley snipes doesn't have anything better to do than meet women in crackhouses and fuck them, fathering illegitmate crackbabies. right.

i'm really pissed that lost is in reruns until at least the new year. i craze new episodes of lost! crave them!! i'm also curious as to how lost's schedule will be affected once alias starts airing again. at least i still have desperate housewives and boston legal to keep me occupied.

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2004.12.14 light a candle it won't light your fire:

forgive me for breaking normal bipolar form and using capital letters in this post…

So, against my better judgement, I decided to go to Fazoli's for lunch. I've been having a string of annoying incidents there and the food has been going steadily downhill, but I decided to chance it. I guess I just wanted somewhere warm to sit down and enjoy a meal.

That and what I order there (baked chicken parmesan and a coke) comes to a nice, (not so) round total of $6.66. It always makes me grin.

So I go and I order my food and I sit there and wait. I should point out that there was almost no one in the restaurant at the time I placed my order. There was certainly no one else ordering and there didn't appear to be anyone waiting for their food.

And I wait. And I wait. And I wait. And I wait some more.

Finally I see someone that I KNOW ordered AFTER me walk by with a huge tray of food and…a baked chicken parmesan. So I walk up to the counter to try to determine what the hell is taking so long. They inform me that they mistakenly gave my chicken parm to someone in the drive-thru. Yet…they gave the next one out to the people that ordered after me. So I was forced to wait for them to make another one.

So I wait. Not as long, this time.

After a bit, a cute girl walked out with a bag and said "here you go. We're really sorry about that." I just looked up at her, really confused. She handed me the bag and I said "tell me this isn't my order that someone brought BACK." She said "no, no…we made you a new one." I accept the reply and open up my meal.

Only to discover that they put meat sauce on it. FUCKDAMMIT!

So I take it back and (starting to lose my patience) inform them that "there's…uh…meat sauce on this."

So they all start yelling at the dude in the back who made it and tell him to make me ANOTHER one. Yep…My third.

So I wait. And I wait. And I wait. And I swear to fucking god it seemed like I waited for another million years (probably because I was hungry) and right when I was about to walk back up there and ask what the fuck was going on, I hear this:

Fazoli's Girl #1: SHIT!
Fazoli's Girl #2: What? Oh…no…you better make ANOTHER one.

At which point, not able to take it anymore, I throw up my hands and yell "you've got to be fucking kidding me!"

Yep. Fucked up again. This time they dropped it on the motherfucking floor.

After my outburst the manager came out and gave me my money back and offered me all kinds of desserts, salads, etc. I let her know I just wanted my food. She asked "are you sure you don'y want a dessert to take home?" I then told her "I won't be going home any time soon. I'm on my lunch break. 40 minutes of which has been spent waiting on one. Baked. Chicken. Parmesan."

She scurried off and my food eventually came out. It was lackluster, to say the least.

I think I may actually swear off Fazoli's after this one.

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2004.12.14 meet you at the hang wire:

tuesday. the sky doesn't even have the decency to produce a proper snow. flurries. i get more interesting weather by opening my freezer.

i bought a space heater on sunday. i actually plugged it in and used it last night. it's nice. i'm sure it will help counter the astronomical winter heating bill.

i'd like to take a moment to thank people who have sent me things for christmas:

jack…thanks for the book and the secretary dvd. i popped that dvd in almost as soon as i opened the package. mmmm…maggie gyllenhaal. the book has already taken residence in the stack next to my bed.

pete…thanks for the bill hicks dvd. it warmed the cockles of my heart.

jim lee…thanks for the insanely generous gifting of the rrp edition of batman #608. now i just have to find you at a con and beg you to do me a hellboy sketch.

back to the every day bullshit now.

things that are amusing me today: a couple chuck klosterman articles…the 10 most accurately rated artists in rock history and the theory of advancement.

i didn't do much of anything, this weekend. we played a show on saturday. we rocked. it was fun. i enjoyed watching arch rip it up, as usual. arch's dummer mentioned that this site completely locks up internet explorer. maybe matt should take a look at that.

i bought an xbox on friday. it was a gift to myself, but i also told the girl that i would pretend that she got it for me, as she's been too busy with school to even consider doing any christmas shopping.

of course, buying an xbox two weeks before christmas is about the dumbest idea i've had in a long time. i spent 5 hours driving around trying to find a store that had one. i stupidly told myself that i wouldn't be coming home without an xbox and i stuck to it.

so i've been playing a lot of halo 2.

i bet that came as a big surprise, huh?

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