2002.10.29 i'm not invisible:

last night rocket from the crypt was on craig kilbourne. it was a pretty good performance (as always), but i was a little pissed that they kept showing clips of a three minute song throughout the rest of the show. it's like they were just itching to spoil the surprise of what song they'd play or something. oh well…it's of little consequence.

i went down to nashville with steve to catch cat power last week. as soon as we got into town we started drinking. this only became a problem when i remembered that i had been up since 5:30 that morning and wouldn't be back in bed until around that same time. needless to say, the drive home was hell. cat power, on the other hand, was quite good. chan kicked out the jams in her own special way, only making me fall asleep toward the very end of her set.

halloween is just three days away. we're spending the next couple of nights crammed into the studio, doing rehearsal and such. if you're in louisville, maybe i'll see you at the lava house.

other than that, i'm supposed to take part in some art opening. i was asked to put four pieces in it, but i haven't heard back from the girl in charge. maybe she's flakin' out. it would suck to get these things all prepared and then not have anything to do with them…

work is work and it owns my soul.

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