2000.10.09 just when you thought it was safe:

( OR, himself the fool makes )

the story thus far:
boy meets girl, boy falls madly in love with girl, boy and girl are very happy, girl leaves boy for idiot jerk, boy gets over girl, girl comes back on her knees but boy has another girl, boy loses other girl, boy finally forgives girl, girl finds boy again, boy has hope, boy finds out girl is still with idiot jerk.

story of my life. bad timing, miscommunication, falling for the wrong people. it would seem that happiness is truly the transient state, unhappiness is what life is made of.

i've also found that, should we ever learn to circumvent the effects of gravity, hope never will.

I think John Lennon said it best: "ow! hey, what the fuck!? ack."

but unlike John, I'll be ok.

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