2001.01.11 let's give this another go:

ok, here's a reduced calorie version of the post i attempted to make the other day.

( or, the story of the year 2000 )

5.22.00 bipolar launches with great fanfare
5.29.00 first disparaging comments about my hometown
6.10.00 went to see The Cure in concert with paul
6.11.00 and i came back fearing the apocalypse
6.16.00 first sifl-n-olly reference
7.6.00 just sucked
7.11.00 got my second new job of the year
7.19.00 saw the x-men movie, and loved it
8.7.00 went to see C&C Music Factory and Tone Loc in concert, and hated it
9.3.00 the world's first introduction to puffin the weblogger (as opposed to puffin the artist, puffin the musician, puffin the whatever-the-heck-he-wants-to-be.)
10.9.00 SHE comes back into my life, briefly
10.19.00 and doesn't take my advice, as usual
11.2.00 the birthday report
11.6.00 spent a crazy night with the puffin
11.10.00 saw The Monkeywrench in concert with brian in chicago, while visiting nanette
11.15.00 found out my most recent ex got married
12.27.00 crappy christmas
12.31.00 nanette comes for a visit, and we bury an old friend

other things that happened pre-bipolar:

started the year in the arms of a beautiful woman, who i ended up falling in love with, and who ended up leaving me a couple months later.
lost my job of two years at the local bookstore, because of my own negligence.
spent two months off work, before breaking down and taking the Kinko's job (around the time of bipolar's first month).

so, now it's a new year, i've got the perfect job, and i'm making good money. hopefully this year will be a little better than the last.