2000.12.17 you got me hangin' on a rope:

okay…it officially cold as shit outside. i went out to go get a coke earlier and my driver's side lock was frozen. i was actually able to unlock the door on the passenger side, but the door wouldn't budge. frozen solid. one of my roommates decided that windex would unfreeze my door, apparently speaking from personal experience. well…let's just say that this only resulted in some frozen windex on the outside of my car. not a good plan. so i got a gigantic pitcher of scalding hot water and poured it around my driver door. success! door unlocked! score! only one problem….the door still wouldn't open. so i trudged back upstairs to get another massive pitcher of water which i then poured all around my door, hoping to trick it into opening. finally…success! for real this time! i used what was left of the water to thaw out the ice on my windshield. this turned out to be a "not so bright plan" due to the fact that the water promptly re-froze in the -15 degree wind chill. really slick, brian.

so i let the car warm up for a while. this was a good plan, except for the fact that my car door was almost re-frozen shut when i came back out! and when i got home, even after running the car and being all toasty warm…my door wouldn't lock! frozen again!

so that's about the only little journey i want to even think about making. matt and paul went over to our friend jim's house to have a little friendly get together. after my journey, i've opted to stay home. not because i don't want to be with my friends. mainly because i've been with them all weekend and i want to stay home and do my own thing.

so the moral of this story is: if you know where i live, you can come steal my cds…if you can get the door open.

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