2005.01.19 and you will know us by… er… what exactly?

i don't remember if i've mentioned it here yet or not, but my band Lucifigous Prick–which was a three-piece, then a four-piece–is now a three-piece again. we realized that the addition of the drums was taking the band's sound in a direction that we didn't want Lucifigous Prick to go… which is not to say that we didn't like the new sound, but it just wasn't what we wanted to do with LP. we toyed with the idea of breaking up or going back to a three-piece, until we realized that we could have the best of all worlds if we just split stuff into two separate projects. So now, we've got the original Lucifigous Prick line-up, and… the new band, which, after 4 months or so, still is unnamed.

still unnamed, and "in the studio" nevertheless. we're currently recording our 10(ish) songs under the able guidance of Jason Loewenstein, and have, in fact, gotten them mostly in the can already. pretty much just vox & mixing left, then we'll be ready to put out whatever it is we end up putting out under whatever name it is we end up stumbling upon.

in that vein, i thought i'd bounce a few ideas off of you guys. i had a previous list that i seem to have misplaced, but i was just thinking of some new ones last night, perhaps you all can pitch in and give us some more idee-s. oh, and the band's sound is still dark (not goth, not death metal, but dark) but more heavily rock centric than the Prick.

some possibilities:
Emergent Intelligence
Emerging Intelligence


Study of Human Behavior
Studies in Human Behavior



Go the Spoils

By the Victors


(from Medical terminology/disease names)
Vestibular Schwannoma
Otitis Externa
Acoustic Neuroma
Cotard's Syndrome
Scrivener's palsy
Worm Fit

(general rules for suggestions, no numbers, no use of the words "black" or "red", no use of "day" or variations thereof. phrases/cliches should be obfuscated or subtle)

well, that ended up being longer than i thought, especially once i started looking up disease names… still, i invite you to weigh in, perhaps make some other suggestions.

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guy kelly said:

I've got it! How about, "Study of the Construction and Destruction of the Victors Behavior Going to the Spoils"?

yeah… sorry. I should probably stay out of this debate… I was once in a band that was only able to get a name after I quit, because I vetoed every choice. yeah, i'm pretentious… sorry.

# January 20, 2005,

Paul said:

I still think you should call it "LP2".

# January 20, 2005,

m@ said:

hehe. well, i think that one might be a *little* on the long side. and while LP2 is better than "bipolar" (which was Rob's suggestion–i mean really, bipolar's a stupid name, who'd ever use that?).

consider LP2 added to the list.

i think i'm going to try to force a vote this sunday, make us make some moves towards picking something.

# January 20, 2005,

Paul said:

You could always call it "Matt's Motherfuckin' Band, Bee-Yatches" or maybe just "Pube".

# January 20, 2005,

m@ said:

hehe. "The Short and Curlies"


"Grass on the Field"

# January 20, 2005,

Javan said:

hm, I was going to suggest you name your band "Wednesday".

(note: for all who do not know me, that was sarcasm)

I think Gleet is a very fitting name for the type of sound you described.


# January 23, 2005,