2005.01.24 choose your path:

i just uploaded a bunch of new images to the gallery, some old stuff (like brian's and my trip to Chicago in 2000, pictures i only recently unearthed when trying out Picasa), and a lot of new stuff from recent trips to visit family, and from other various things (like my self portraits from my portfolio and "matt reads his favorites" sessions).

also, i presented the list of potential names to the guys, and, aside from Rob's abstention because he didn't like any of the names, we narrowed it down a bit. here's the revised list, with explanations of what the names mean (where necessary):

votes name meaning
2 constructdestruct
1 obfuscate to make obscure or unclear
here, and here
2 criduchat means "cry of the cat" a syndrome where abnormal larynx development causes children's cries to sound like that of a cat
here, some reference to a label
3 cotard's syndrome  this is a condition where a person believes that their friends, family, money, the whole world, or even parts of their body do not exist or are about to not exist
2 catarrhal inflammation of a mucous membrane, especially of the air passages of the head and throat, with a free discharge
1 epitaxis nose bleed
2 gleet urethral catarrh – see: catarrhal
nothing extant
1 worm fit convulsions associated with teething, worms, elevated temperature or diarrhea
1 scrivener's palsy writer's cramp

i'll give 'em this list next time, and we'll see if rob, brax, or jim comes up with any alternatives, then we'll cull the list again.

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2 Responses to “choose your path:”

Sharon Edmonds said:

quite a few random thoughts with this comment — (1) anyone seen bob pearce? yes, i know, completely random, but i warned ya… (2) anyone else weirded out by the description of 'cotard's syndrome'?

lata 😉

# January 24, 2005,

m@ said:

haven't seen bob pearce in… quite some time. i need to find him though, so i can invite him to the weddin'

as for cotard's syndrome, of course, its weird meaning was the largest part of the reason i chose it! what better band name than something totally screwed up!

also, i believe Cotard's Syndrome is also known as Walking Corpse syndrome.

here's a slightly different definition:
Deluded patients think they have lost body parts or their souls, and often believe they have died. Also called Cotard's syndrome, the mental disease has been found in people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

# January 24, 2005,