2007.03.26 new look, same old me:

after 30 something years of perfect vision (in my one good eye, anyway), i realized a year or so ago that I was starting to have trouble focusing, and that things were generally seeming a bit blurry. i first attributed it to the fact that i generally don't get nearly enough sleep, and that these symptoms were worse the less sleep i got. after a time, i realized i was just fooling myself, and after mentioning it enough times, my wife started badgering me to just go get a checkup. knowing my track record with such things, she eventually just set up an appointment for me. thankfully, it turns out the prescription i need for my good eye is very minor. the doc said it was pretty much up to me whether i wanted specs or not, and after some debate, i decided to go ahead and get them.

and actually, i'm kind of amazed at the difference they make. when the doc made up the little test specs from the kit in his desk drawer, the effect seemed kind of minimal. things were a bit sharper and brighter. but with the glasses, it's a much more obvious change. so ultimately, they work better than i expected, and i'm glad i got them.

it's still a little weird seeing myself in them, but sara likes them, so i can live with the weirdness for a little while. the most bizarre thing has been the dearth of comments i've gotten. i expected pretty much everyone to notice and say something, but only a few people have. very strange.

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sara said:

You look cute, sweetie!

# March 26, 2007,

Neil said:

I don't get it, haven't you always worn glasses?….

Seriously, I think I'm so used to being surrounded by the nearly blind (myself, Paul) or the fully blind (Erin, Devon), I half expect everyone not wearing glasses to just be wearing contacts. They do look good though!

# March 26, 2007,

m@ said:

thanks for the compliments. i did figure that probably everyone just assumed i wore contacts… that always seems to be the case whenever i bring up the bad eye. back when i used to wear glasses (in the 4th or 5th grade, and when there wasn't any such thing as a "soft" contact lens) i asked if i could have contacts, and the doc told me i was too young. i never bothered after that, and honestly, i always figured i'd never be able to poke myself in the eyeball every night on purpose.

# March 26, 2007,

sharon said:

Great glasses!!!

# March 26, 2007,

lisa said:

Your one good eye? Did you lose the other one in a battle?

Welcome to the legions of the bespectacled. I figured I was doomed to wear glasses pretty early on, when I realized that every single person in my family (even the ones not related) wear glasses.

If Chris and I ever have kids, they'll probably be as blind as cave bats, poor bastards.

# March 26, 2007,

m@ said:


my bad eye has been slowly succumbing to entropic forces since the development of a scar on the retina when i was very young. so, unfortunately, there are no cool stories to explain the bad eye.

I could make some up, perhaps.

I imagine most of our friends aren't doing their kids any favors by the pairings we've chosen. I imagine in a thousand years or so, the human race will be pretty much blind and dependent on technology for visual sensory input.

y'know barring the re-emergence of eugenics, or (more likely) progress in DNA resequencing…

blimey, i watch too much star trek.

# March 27, 2007,